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Tepic’s Flying Vole

“I guess taking the train ain’t good then?”

Arnold stared at him flatly, “They’re on an island south of us.”  

Tepic continued confidently, “Miss Sky has some good contacts with them smuggler blokes…..”

“That won’t work, I can’t risk going to her.  Even if she isn’t under his influence any ship captain or crew she lead me to could be.”

“Well, we could go in the Swimming Vole, me submarine?”

Arnold’s jaw dropped, “Your…what?”

“It don’t leak too bad,”  The young fox assured him.  “Though I ain’t taken it out of the bay yet….i made it out of old wine barrels, yer know? Jimmy likes riding in it fer some reason….”

Arnold shut his eyes and grit his teeth to prevent twitching. Watching him Tepic seemed to realize how uncomfortable it would be for any cat to be under the water, “Errr……then there’s the airships… mine is upstairs…..”  Arnold looked at the urchin and stared as Tepic gestured for him to follow him across to the opium dens rooftop and proudly the child displayed, “The Flying Vole!”

The cat looked at the tiny creation…he had ridden with Gadget and Nat months ago…but he wanted him to ride in this over the ocean?!  

“It ain’t big, just enough fer two…. i don’t crash often….so yer wanna try?”

Arnold put his hands into both paws as he went over his options. He didn’t want to go on the ship, but he did need to get out of the city and he wasn’t going to risk any of the other possibilities.  To him this seemed the least dangerous thing he could do…and that scared him.

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