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Tepic’s celebration at Popplefot’s factory 2

Picture taken by Taylor Muggins at the ceremony to celebrate Tepic’s
promotion as Day Manager at Mister Popplefot’s Blacking Factory.

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  1. Peregrine Pelham Peregrine Pelham June 26, 2014

    Cute photos. This whole roleplay scenario and method is a nice idea.

    My child alt is sad that events are in the SL day when a lot of the US is at work. But you can never find a time that works for everyone.  

    This particular alt wonders why these children can’t have a celebration and be packing at the same time. This photo shows lack of productivity! I fear for Popplefot’s profit margins! 

    • Fly Copperfield Fly Copperfield June 26, 2014

      I agree, timezones are a pain and it’s true that most of the time events are held in the SL day. I suppose the best we could do is to have them as much as possible during week-ends so that everyone can attend.

      As for children not packing… One of them, Loren, was actually still sweeping up the floor but Mister Popplefot asked them to stop working for that occasion. I suspect he’s trying to secure his working base to avoid having them all resigning and running to Mister Krakenwell’s factory.

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