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Tepic Prepares for the Worst…..

Babbage, though my home, can be a little on the dangerous side occasionally, and sometimes a pocket full of stones ain’t enough, what with zombies, dinosaurs, mummys and Skyler’s murderer on the loose….

Thankfully, Mr Keirgarten kindly sponsored the Kite Festival, and with my winnings, i’ve got meself kitted out with a few things, and i got some drawings to show you!


Naturally, i ain’t going to be going about with this on me back all the time, but it’s nice to know it’s stashed safely away in case i needs it, and, of course, if anyone wants ter take me on at the New Babbage Pistol Club range, i’d be happy to oblige!

[img_assist|nid=927|title=|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=640|height=480]And if anyone wants to know, i ain’t daft, you can’t use guns fer vole hunting, that requires finess, an all you get if you use a gun is vole jam, an thin spread jam at that!  So i’ll still be lugging me traps around fer some time to come!

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  1. Gabriell Anatra Gabriell Anatra October 7, 2010

    Yes, one of those would leave a vole little more than a cloud of fur and bits.

    (( I like the carbine, Mr Keirgarten’s work is quite nice looking. ))

  2. Zaida Gearbox Zaida Gearbox October 7, 2010

    Ah’ve started loadin’ de sling shot wid Cherry Bombs.  Ah gets dem real cheap over in Shanghai.

  3. Cral Denimore Cral Denimore October 7, 2010

    Good Heavens!  Militarized Miniature Mites!

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