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Tall Tales at Ahab’s Bane Tavern

Tall Tales is a semi-regular IC event featuring the stories of Old Hob. Come hear of the man-ape or monkey-dogs or other such tales from the rum soaked mind of an Old salt.

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  1. Cadmus Lupindo Cadmus Lupindo April 19, 2012

    This is an excerpt from the first Tall Tale night:

    [22:14] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Dr.
    Kristos Sonnerstein, at your service should you ever require it.

    [22:15] Old Hob (gilgamesh.ishmene): Surgeon, barber or a
    real medical man?

    [22:15] Cadmus Lupindo: Manners Hob.

    [22:15] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein)
    chuckles. “Quite alright”

    [22:15] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): I am
    both a surgeon and general practitioner.

    [22:16] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): I’m
    employed under the Wilde Hospital.

    [22:16] Old Hob (gilgamesh.ishmene): Moe en a saw bones. Tis

    [22:17] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): As
    many amputations as I’ve had to do since coming to this town, I’ve nearly
    garnered a reputation as a saw bones instead of a sew bones, honestly.

     [22:21] Cadmus
    Lupindo: You must understand Hobs question. A “ships Surgeon” is someone
    who can saw off a leg and maybe remove a bullet. He holds Doctors higher than

     [22:22] Dr. Kristos
    Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Aha

     [22:22] Dr. Kristos
    Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein) smiles to Hob. “Well, no worries there.
    I can certainly do more than amputations as each situation calls for.”

     [22:25] Old Hob
    (gilgamesh.ishmene): Like ah was say’n when da Capt’n was shot …

    [22:25] Cadmus Lupindo: That is enough Hob.

    [22:26] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Messy
    business, extracting bullets..

    [22:27] Pilipo Underwood: I watched one extracted in Texas.
    Indian wars, neh?

    [22:27] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Had a
    few of those last summer with a madman running about with a blood feud in mind.

    [22:27] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein):
    Mostly our own staff.

    [22:27] Pilipo Underwood: Heard tell about that

    [22:28] Old Hob (gilgamesh.ishmene) smile. Nuff’n like a
    good blood fued.

    [22:28] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Well,
    it’s been put to rest for good, thankfully.

    [22:28] Pilipo Underwood: Makes for plenty excitement, Old

    [22:30] Old Hob (gilgamesh.ishmene): I rember wen the Capt’n
    was in a blood feud, paid well, then the was the …

    [22:30] Cadmus Lupindo: Enough Hob!

    [22:30] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein)
    chuckles softly

    [22:30] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Your
    bartender reminisces more than you care to hear, hm?

    [22:31] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Or
    more than you care for others to hear is it?

    [22:31] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein) smiles
    amusedly into his drink

    [22:31] Cadmus Lupindo: I don’t want him to bore the

    [22:32] Pilipo Underwood: Ah, I love good stories…

    [22:32] Old Hob (gilgamesh.ishmene): Ill stick ta me own
    stories then. Like when in Borneo an I saw a gaint man-ape.

     [22:33] Dr. Kristos
    Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Not a bore at all, Mr. Lupindo. I quite
    enjoy such tales.

    [22:34] Old Hob (gilgamesh.ishmene): So Lefty, Luck en I was
    on shore look’n  fer supplies when we saw
    the gain ape-man!

    [22:34] Cadmus Lupindo rolles his eyes.

    [22:35] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein):

    [22:35] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): How
    big was it?

    [22:35] Old Hob (gilgamesh.ishmene): E was nine feet igh an
    snorting an swingin in da trees.

    [22:36] Old Hob (gilgamesh.ishmene): Snached up Lucky e did.

    [22:36] Old Hob (gilgamesh.ishmene): Last we saw ov em.

    [22:36] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Oh

    [22:36] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): So he
    didn’t manage to escape as far as you know?

    [22:36] Cadmus Lupindo: Ah.. yes.. good thing his name was

    [22:37] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein)

    [22:37] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein):
    Unfortunate he wasn’t as lucky as his name implied.

    [22:37] Old Hob (gilgamesh.ishmene): All we ever found was
    is Luck rabbit foot.

    [22:37] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): How
    did he garner such a name in the first place?

    [22:37] Cadmus Lupindo: Yes because THAT was full of Luck.

    [22:38] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein)
    chuckles. “Harvey’s got two of them and he seems to do just fine”

    [22:38] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): But
    then they aren’t detached from his ankles either.

     [22:40] Old Hob
    (gilgamesh.ishmene): Elll wen we was in a tiff wit a Navy vessel an Bruce, da
    was iz name den, e lost alf is left and. E said e was lucky it was not is

    [22:42] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein): Right
    handed, was he?

    [22:42] Cadmus Lupindo: Ah.. yes THAT would make him lucky..
    Rolls his eyes again.

     [22:43] Dr. Kristos
    Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein) chuckles at the Captain’s remark.

     [22:44] Cadmus
    Lupindo: Not even sure I want to know about “Lefty”.

    [22:44] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein (kristos.sonnerstein) chuckles

    • DoctorDinosaur Runner DoctorDinosaur Runner April 19, 2012

      That excerptraises an interesting question, has anyone been treated for an arrow to the knee?

      • Old Hob Old Hob April 19, 2012

        Wit Lefty twas a spear, twas no knee. Cyclops twas an arrow .. na a knee neither.

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