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Tales of the Kunoichi – Chapter fourteen

* A tale involving the “other” side of Miss Hermit. Feel free to comment *

Slowly I raise myself from the floor where I laid weeping.  Tasha and Mac are nearby but they do not know what has happened.  Tasha summoned him when she discovered me on the floor and thought I had been attacked again.  That would have been welcomed compared to this.  I slowly walk to the sofa, wipe my eyes and read the scroll again, determined to view words different than the ones penned there…

Dearest miko;

The path to education and growth and enlightenment is not always easy nor continuous.  There are times and events where one must pause and collect themselves in order to move forward at a future time.  I feel this is one of those times in your life.  The yakuza have stretched out their hand for you in retaliation for events that have occurred against them half a world away.  This distance also prevents the Temple from protecting one of its most gifted mikos from harm.  It is with great reluctance I call you home for your own safety.

I know that you will not agree with this; ever were you the headstrong girl in my house.  However I tell you now that this is not a request but a command from the senior monk that you return.  If you are thinking of disobeying me I will tell you now that this is also the wish of your Father and of the clan.

Duty is never easy Iyou.  A kunoichi knows that.  To obey is your giri, your duty to both clan and Temple.

Once this matter is settled, I will send you out into the world again to study.  But now you must come home to me and your Father.

Close your accounts, make your farewells, and arrange passage as quickly as possible.



Come home Iyou and rest.  You will journey again soon.



I thought that Yamada-sama would do this.  I can not believe that Father agreed to sign this scroll too.  Am I in that much danger?  Slowly I regain my feet, and look about me.  I will have to start packing soon.  I have many people to say goodbye to also.

So I look up and smile as a good miko should.  “Tasha, Mac, I have been recalled….”


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  1. Sky Melnik Sky Melnik May 20, 2011

    Fair winds and safe travels, Miss Hermit.

  2. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse May 20, 2011

    Be safe Miss Hermit… I look forward to your return.

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