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Tales from New Babbage

Radio Riel has agreed to retain the Tales from New Babbage title as part of The Radio Riel Players Present show, with the understanding that we will be picking darker material than the regular Players will. This will ease production demand off both of us. This group is for sharing production tips and advice on material sources.

Material used must be original, used with permission (royalty free), under the proper Creative Commons license for podcasting,  or in the Public Domain. Generally, material published before 1923 is in the Public Domain, but not always (for example, rights to the the Sherlock Holmes stories have been retained by the Doyle estate). Why? Because Radio Riel has  non-profit status in the USA and that requires some licensing gymnastics, and the broadcasts are filed for perpetual download on

If you really like doing this, Gabrielle Riel is more than happy to have new readers for her side of the house too!

Download links and program notes are kept in the Tales from New Babbage blogspot.

If you would like to get on the reader list, send an audio sample (the backs of soup cans work very well) to Mr. Tenk. The noise reduction software needs 2 or 3 seconds between when you turn on your recorder and when you start talking to get a noise profile of your environment.


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