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Sunday July 29th Part 1: A trip to the power station

Cries from the sewers had sent Arnold running as those green-eyed rats were attacking Tepic, Hoyt, and a girl he’d seen maybe once or twice playing nearby the new facilities to the north.  He’d helped them, and afterwards had run off, asking them not to ask anything about him being there.

He had known it was a risk, and Tepic found him later that day beneath the Gangplank, while riding on his raft once again.  A small wooden thing which flew a small pirate flag and had small wooden crates for seats.  

Genially the young fox greeted him, his cheery nature unaffected by their dank environment, “What yer doing down here?”

“Hiding from killer metal raptors,” Arnold replied.  “And waiting for Gil to take me to the power station to meet Kane and Avariel.”

“Oh…. yer can get to the Power Station from down here, if yer wants….”

“Yes, but I’m waiting for Gil too…”  He didn’t have to wait for him he supposed, but the two had been spending a lot of time together in the past week, and had shared several secrets and fears with one another.  Gil might worry if he was gone before he got back.  “What were you doing out here anyways?”

“Errrr….. nuffin much…” Tepic shrugged, “Ummm…there’s room on the raft fer Gilhooly too, if he wants ter come….”

Arnold skittered as he looked at the roof, he could hear movement above.  He held his breath as he realized it was going away, but because of that distraction he hadn’t heard someone wading through the water until they were in sight.  Gil walked up to the raft slowly, looking upset.

“Jes’ got away from one… it fell in the sea!”  

Arnold looked at him concerned, “A raptor?”  The young rat agreed and the cat grimaced.

“Aye, was sniffin’ about the Gangplank door…”  The urchin explained, and Arnold grit his teeth.  If it could hunt by scent he was in more trouble than he had realized.  He hoped it had only been looking.

Tepic pointed to a barrel near the front, “Hop on the raft, dry off a bit….”  Gil rocked the raft as he made his way aboard.  Water sloshed over the wood for a moment and then filtered off as the raft corrected itself.  Tepic turned to them and shared something else, “There was one over the City Hall earlier….it hissed at ME!  In me own City, ain’t right….”

Gil grimaced at how bad the situation was getting and turned to his feline friend, “Fink ye best stick to the sewers, mister A.”

Arnold agreed as he too got onto the raft and sat on one of the barrels.  Tepic pushed them off with his gondola stick and they headed for the light given by the aetheric lamps posted beneath the power station.

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