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stirrings, concern, ponderings

After having seen the raven, Dr. Cyberusfaustus made haste with his construction and fortifications. He also tried in vain to find any word of his colleages… The hospital was gone and the reports were that the asylum was full… always a bad omen. Most troubling, no one had seen Mr. Arnold for days. The doctor’s own attempts at finding him were futile. He either did not wish to be found, or worse…

Then he finally received indication that Mr. Arnold was indeed in hiding from a pack of mechanical Velociraptors! Dr. Cyberusfaustus sighed… it must be that Dr. Dinosaur… for without him New Babbage would never have even heard of such beasts for several more decades after the discoveries in Mongolia. A quasi-intelligent carnivorous dinosaur was bad enough. Did it have to be time traveling as well?

The doctor slammed his foot down on the VERY thick metal slab he had just had installed, which now blocked the only remaining entrance an invader would have had to his upper quarters and the launch of the Gretchen. It was solid. He would need the Gretchen now that the ground was unsafe.

He racked his mind for details he could recall from his travels about Raptors and Deinonichids of various sizes. He seemed to recall something about a skull of a velociraptor which showed cause of death from the sharp teeth of another raptor penetrating through the top.

The doctor pondered… not a few of his friends were in danger if the reports were correct. Something with spikes which could strike from above…. hmmmm

It might just work! Too bad his expertise was less in the area of mechanics. None the less, he began making sketches of the raptor destroyer he envisioned. If one of his mechanically inclined friends were still to be found and accessible by the air, it might just be done.

Tonight would be a busy night…. and then there was the prospect of a charming social engagement…. “Well, maybe this would not be sooo bad.” he thought as he smiled.


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