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SteamTour – The Brunel Hall Sunday Bash

This weekend (Feb 19th and 20th) see’s the annual Steamlands Tour take place.  Many social events in all of the Victorian and Steamlands cities…including us in our sooty filled city of New Babbage :)

The event in Brunel Hall takes place on Sunday the 20th, kicks off at 9am SLT and end at 11am SLT, its timed mostly for the folks in the UK…or folks in the US who have woken up FAR too EARLY for a Sunday!  O.o

DJ is that scottish bloke, playing a bunch of chart topping hits from the days of the rat pack to the days of Duran Duran and silly hair styles…

Place…the prim hog hotel…AKA…Brunel

9am SLT till 11am SLT

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