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Steam Santa s Unintended gift

the ball was an interesting event, and I sat down at my desk with a sense of contentment as Qismah walked into the office “so how did the ball go?”

I turned to face her a grin spreading across my face” well it seems I’ve been banned from Steam Santa’s lap for being too evil”

Qismah looked down at me with a sarcastic smirk on her face” You Evil! never, you should sue for defamation of character”

 pulling off my boots and stretching out  my toes I replied “oh no I think this can work to my benefit, as no actual crimes were mentioned, just  and I quote ‘ she knows what she has done”, now all the thugs and cut purses in this city that haven’t joined the syndicate, will start to wonder what I could have done to be so evil, and realize how unwise it is to refuse my demands,’

Qismah perched on the desk corner and smiled”so really they did you a favor”

I leaned back in my chair and propped my feet in Qismahs lap “yes a very great favor,we’ll have to get the boys moving on this as soon as possible, and have Mr Eliot  hold back on the militia, thats getting a bit too hot for comfort”

Qismah smiled,’ anything else you want me to do?”

I shook my head” perhaps later , I want to revel in my evilness for a while”

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