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Spying for Beginers

Two small urchins dashed in the door of the Sneaky Vole, sliding to a halt in front of Tepic.

“We done it, Tep, found an followed as yer said!” panted the first boy. He held out a stick for Tepic’s inspection.

The fox boy glanced down at the stick, smiled and took it, running his fingers along it’s length, feeling the grooves and cuts in it’s surface.

“Good lads, you started at the Docks, by the submarine to the hospital? An you wern’t seen?”

The boys nodded, “an we marked the stick like yer said, an it’s right, no one sees us when we walking along whittling like!” exclaimed the smaller.

“So… he went that way, an turned right, then there… hmmm…. was it the first or second street.. alright, second… then in that shop… didn’t buy anything? Right… but he did in there, well… he spoke to someone? tell me after what they looked like or if you knew em…. then round there an back to the Docks…… well done lads, grab a drink an a bite ter eat, i’d best get a report in ter the Doc.. who’s keepin watch? oh… good!”

Tepic turned back just before leaving, “We doing good work, lads, this will help set us up fer the winter, but be careful, this bloke could be trouble, keep reminding the fellas!”

The fox boy was thoughtful as he wandered the streets to give his report. The watching wasn’t a problem, lots of volunteers, keeping them all safe was a worry, especially after he had taken a peek at Mr Arnold. This Mr Canergak was obviously a menace, doing that to people, and anything the urchins could do was good, but with people like that you had to be extra careful.

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