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Spring Town Hall notes

Spring Town Hall, the first since last Spring Town Hall, was held at the Bucket of Blood.


Annual Prim Audit was the best ever (mesh works!). Academy and Port have crept up significantly. Do not build on civic land in Vernian Sea at all. I don’t care how pretty your fish is. The prims are not available.


Occupancy is higher than it has been in years. Well, it was until yesterday, when some larger lots were turned in. This is not a bad thing as I was scratching my beard trying to find open land for Oiling Festival after doing the annual prim audit. Oiling Festival is always in March to take advantage of the vacant land that tends to open up every February.


Roleplay Welcome Center. Volunteers needed to create themed sets of posters to get something on the ground to inspire more 3d clutter to further illustrate. One set for Prominent Personalities, and one for Major Historical Events, possibly for races. I would encourage different people taking on a set as a pet project, rather than one person taking all of them.


Oiling Festival Categories. Full details for land impact, dimensions, rezzing locations, prize monies, and sponsors will be fortcoming as it is firmed up.

LARGE BUILDS: Honking Big Machine. Poppetframe Mineshaft. Long Distance Signal Tower.

SCULPTING: Monuments (history is best). Taxidermy.

VEHICLES: for Fire Brigade. Land, air, and/or sea needed.

INFRASTRUCTURE: replace the old copper/iron bridges Babbage Canals, which are 32 prims each with way too many torii.

SMALL BUILDS: Practical Hats. Groceries. Books.

2D: Legal Documents. Flowers. (winner will designated National Flower and sculpted by Satu Moreau).


transcript follows in comments:

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  1. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk February 23, 2015

    [13:00] (You): please detach your radars for those of us that are hardwre challenged
    [13:00] Dee Wells (promiscute) waves to Pumpkin :)
    [13:01] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): mind if i sit here Dee?
    [13:01] Dee Wells (promiscute): Please do :)
    [13:01] Pumpkin Tripsa waves :)
    [13:01] Garnet Psaltery: Hello MacKnight :o)
    [13:01] Dee Wells (promiscute) waves to Macknight :)
    [13:01] Zaros Xue: All I’ve got it a HoO HUD, I’ll take it off though.
    [13:01] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Mr. MacKnight
    [13:01] Jimmy Branagh: Mine’s off
    [13:01] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): i’ve been working on my battle drones, dee
    [13:01] (You): how do mr tripsa

    [13:02] Pumpkin Tripsa: Well, thank you, sir
    [13:02] Dee Wells (promiscute): Oh my, hehe
    [13:02] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Mr. Pumpkin
    [13:02] Garnet Psaltery: Hello Stormy, Satu
    [13:02] Satu Moreau: Hallo
    [13:02] Stormy Stillwater: hello hello hello!
    [13:02] Dee Wells (promiscute) waves to Stormy and Satu :)
    [13:02] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): Garnet saw them in a more primitive state
    [13:02] Pumpkin Tripsa: Heya Jimmy
    [13:02] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Stormy
    [13:02] Satu Moreau: It’sa Pumpkin!
    [13:02] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Satu
    [13:02] Garnet Psaltery: Hello Mr Tripsa

    [13:03] Pumpkin Tripsa: Evenin’ Ms Psaltery
    [13:03] Pumpkin Tripsa: Hello Satu :)
    [13:03] Satu Moreau: Hallo!
    [13:03] Satu Moreau: Been ages. Doing alright?
    [13:03] Pumpkin Tripsa: Well indeed
    [13:03] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Miss Cessadia

    [13:04] Dee Wells (promiscute) waves to Cessadia :)
    [13:04] (You): righto. you all know i don’t track chat well, so sometimes i won’t see your question until you lob a brick
    [13:04] Garnet Psaltery: Hello Ms Thetan
    [13:04] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Miss Jed!
    [13:04] Dee Wells (promiscute) waves to Jed :)
    [13:04] Satu Moreau: XD
    [13:04] Garnet Psaltery: Hello Jed
    [13:04] Jimmy Branagh: ‘ello Miss Gabi
    [13:04] Dee Wells (promiscute) gets a few bricks ready
    [13:04] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger) waves
    [13:04] Gabrielle Riel smiles – hi Jimmy
    [13:04] (You): transcript will be posted, if you want to be left out of the transcript, tell me and i’ll edit you out.
    [13:04] Dee Wells (promiscute) waves to Gabrielle :)
    [13:04] Garnet Psaltery: Hello Gabi
    [13:04] Cessadia Thetan: Heloo all.
    [13:04] Garnet Psaltery: Hope your birthday was fun
    [13:04] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): can i be italicized in the transcript?
    [13:04] Gabrielle Riel: Hi! Thank you. :-)
    [13:04] Cessadia Thetan: Beg your pardon… hello.

    [13:05] Dee Wells (promiscute): Hello, Steadman :)
    [13:05] Garnet Psaltery: Hello Steadman :o)
    [13:05] (You): No.
    [13:05] Steadman Kondor: greetings all :)
    [13:05] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): awww ok
    [13:05] (You): right. sooooo
    [13:05] Jimmy Branagh: ‘ello Mr. Steadman

    [13:05] (You): guess it’s been a year since last town hall
    [13:05] (You): last year was
    [13:05] (You): mmmmm
    [13:05] (You): not the best year for a lot of folks. we seem to be coming out of it
    [13:06] (You): occupancy right now is better than it has been in years.
    [13:06] (You): so i guess we’re doing something right.
    [13:06] Avariel Falcon: ~ Yay! ~
    [13:06] (You): so yay
    [13:06] Cessadia Thetan claps
    [13:06] Garnet Psaltery: Yay!
    [13:06] Jimmy Branagh applauds
    [13:06] Steadman Kondor grins :)

  2. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk February 23, 2015

    [13:07] (You): the mesh upgrades have been amazing. there are very few ‘crackerbox’ builds left in town, most are… mine…. and i’m next to Loki so it looks even worse….
    [13:07] Garnet Psaltery: heh
    [13:07] Dee Wells (promiscute): Hehe
    [13:07] Tepic Harlequin: :-)
    [13:07] Satu Moreau: XD
    [13:07] (You): i’m working on it. but i need to sleep so i can do real life things in the morning or things start falling apart

    [13:07] (You): writing projects have been amazing
    [13:08] Garnet Psaltery: Hello Mr Snow
    [13:08] Jimmy Branagh waves to Mr. Snow
    [13:08] (You): i love throwing the books we’ve published at people that like to come at me telling me how i’m going to fail….
    [13:08] Mr. Snow (tehckisnow): Hello :)
    [13:08] Steadman Kondor grins
    [13:08] Jimmy Branagh chuckles
    [13:08] (You): but i suspect they are just jealous
    [13:08] (You) shrugs
    [13:08] Gabrielle Riel shakes her head
    [13:08] Satu Moreau: There’s still people that do that?
    [13:08] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger) nods
    [13:08] Stormy Stillwater: Green with envy
    [13:08] Tepic Harlequin: errrrr……… who says daft things like that?
    [13:08] (You): ooooh yeah
    [13:08] Steadman Kondor: welcome mr snow have a seat
    [13:08] Cessadia Thetan: Hmmmph.
    [13:09] (You): in fact, there’s one that is so miffed he is doing a divide and conquer whispering campaign with the admins late at night
    [13:09] Gabrielle Riel blinks
    [13:09] Jimmy Branagh: Here?
    [13:09] Zaros Xue: You just have to look around at all the people here to know that anyone saying such… drivel isn’t worth their salt.
    [13:09] Garnet Psaltery: What?
    [13:09] Satu Moreau: Wow, wtf?
    [13:09] Satu Moreau: Yeah
    [13:10] Tepic Harlequin: some people just ain’t worth bothering about……
    [13:10] Cessadia Thetan: New Babbage has faced worse and we shall prevail!
    [13:10] (You): and being that i used to be a navy SERE instructor.. his script is so bad it is like reading those speeches i used to write for the prisoner of war enemy indoctrination officer dilema
    [13:10] Gabrielle Riel: Clearly this person does not understand how New Babbage is known and respected in the wider Steampunk community OUTSIDE of SL.
    [13:10] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger) is mad I’m getting left out
    [13:10] Garnet Psaltery: Hear hear Gabi
    [13:10] (You): so that’s where i learned how to ‘read’ people.. if you ever wondered.
    [13:10] Dee Wells (promiscute): Hehe Jed
    [13:10] (You): um, yeah
    [13:10] Jimmy Branagh: Yeah I haven;t been approached either.
    [13:10] Satu Moreau: Lol
    [13:10] Satu Moreau: Jed
    [13:11] Jimmy Branagh: Probably figger I’d shoot ’em.
    [13:11] Dee Wells (promiscute): XD
    [13:11] Satu Moreau: XD
    [13:11] (You): i think he was just in a rage that someone had moved out of babbage and left the grid after some harsh words were said to her and was looking for someone to blame for losing her attention
    [13:11] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger) looks at Jimmy
    [13:11] (You): but, point is… those dust ups can last for months, even years on my end
    [13:11] Garnet Psaltery: Left the grid? Must have been bad
    [13:11] (You): but i don’t usually say anything about it
    [13:11] Cessadia Thetan: I remember when we all pulled together to dredge the port and raised the city to provide added depth to the seas. If we can manage that, we cna manage anything.
    [13:12] (You): yeah garnet, it was. i think we talked about it extensively last summer.
    [13:12] Gabrielle Riel: No need to, really.
    [13:12] Tepic Harlequin: well, we been gettin a lot of new people, doin interesting things, so no worries :-)
    [13:12] (You): yes, the raising of the sea was an impressive feat.
    [13:12] (You): moving on…

  3. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk February 23, 2015

    [13:13] (You): one thing i think we need to work on is roleplay
    [13:13] Satu Moreau: Yes-ah!
    [13:13] Stormy Stillwater: Agreed!
    [13:13] Steadman Kondor claps :)
    [13:13] (You): and i say this cautiously, because every time i say this someone destroys it and i have to put my foot down
    [13:13] (You): the NUMBER ONE REASON roleplay fails here
    [13:13] (You): is OVER-ENTHUSIASM
    [13:13] (You): followed by
    [13:13] (You): emotional immaturity
    [13:13] Gabrielle Riel smiles
    [13:14] Stormy Stillwater: Yep!
    [13:14] Stormy Stillwater: basically
    [13:14] Satu Moreau: And lack of communication OOC?
    [13:14] Pilipo Underwood: I was going to say ‘explosions’
    [13:14] Jimmy Branagh nods

    [13:14] (You): if you remember ‘Cuffs
    [13:14] Garnet Psaltery: heh Pilipo
    [13:14] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): mmhmm
    [13:14] Avariel Falcon: Lack of unicorns
    [13:14] (You): a bar where the Clockwork Kraken is now, was built for the purpose of in character conversation
    [13:14] Avariel Falcon nods
    [13:14] (You): it was CLOSED
    [13:14] (You): because you couldn’t have a conversation in there
    [13:14] (You): because it was always being overrun by
    [13:15] (You): ((omg, do you watch kaiju bunnynekos too??))
    [13:15] (You): ((SQUEE!!~! I just bought a kimono!!!))

    [13:15] Stormy Stillwater snorts
    [13:15] Gabrielle Riel laughs!
    [13:15] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger) laughs
    [13:15] Avariel Falcon: ^_^
    [13:15] (You): do i make myself real clear on that?
    [13:15] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): hahahah
    [13:15] Satu Moreau: Yes-ah!
    [13:15] Stormy Stillwater: 100%
    [13:15] (You) stares at Satu
    [13:15] Satu Moreau hides
    [13:15] (You): you better
    [13:15] Mr. Snow (tehckisnow) fails to contain his puzzled expression
    [13:15] Stormy Stillwater pets Satu
    [13:15] Satu Moreau: I have a sharing problem
    [13:15] Jimmy Branagh chuckles
    [13:15] (You): yes you do
    [13:16] Pilipo Underwood: clear as an azure sky of deepest summer
    [13:16] Zaros Xue shudders at the mention of Kemonos…. that topology.
    [13:16] Satu Moreau: XD Kimono, not kemono
    [13:16] Garnet Psaltery: Hello Gnaeus
    [13:16] Zaros Xue: Oh that’s MUCH better then.
    [13:16] Gnaeus Constantine: Hello :s Ignore me .. I’m just lurking
    [13:17] Stormy Stillwater: Poor, Satu. I will buy you an ice cream later.
    [13:17] Satu Moreau: XD
    [13:17] Garnet Psaltery: Hello Rel
    [13:17] Zaros Xue: Still, keep your OOCs out of RP damnit! :P

    [13:17] (You): now on the emotional immaturity thing.. i think we’re pretty good at boring them to death until they leave. basically, these are folks whose need for personal attention is always drawing the plot away so they can spotlight themselves.
    [13:17] Tepic Harlequin: think it’s “don’t sideline rp fer small talk” Mr Snow…
    [13:17] Steadman Kondor nods
    [13:17] Mr. Snow (tehckisnow) nods
    [13:18] (You): but part of why rp fails now
    [13:18] (You): is on us
    [13:18] (You): our lore is too deep
    [13:18] (You): and there’s just a handful of us that know how to mine the archives
    [13:18] Jimmy Branagh: Yup
    [13:18] (You): we need a roleplay welcome center
    [13:18] (You): this is more work than one person can do
    [13:18] Tepic Harlequin: i’ve been enjoying the rps i’ve been in this last year…..
    [13:19] (You): roleplay is hard work to set up. i’ve seen some really beautiful plots be destroyed within hours of presentation from people being too enthusiastic, or bringing their own issues in.
    [13:19] (You): you have to let villains be villains.
    [13:19] Avariel Falcon: Exploding was a bit messy though…
    [13:19] (You): i mean, the big plots are pretty cheesy, it’s not hard to figure out how to ‘fix’ them
    [13:19] (You): but then you’ve killed it.
    [13:20] Stormy Stillwater: We do need more villians.. Less heroes in shining armor.
    [13:20] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): oh do we?
    [13:20] Zaros Xue: Me and Kea are working on a Babbage portal park at the moment. So you should be able to go to places like Bump and Falun soon, we can throw some RP info around with signs and notecards and stuff.
    [13:20] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): that can be arranged!
    [13:20] Pilipo Underwood: I’ve been here for going on five years now and I’m still sketchy on all the Lore
    [13:20] Satu Moreau: Yeah

    [13:20] (You): and these people don’t come back after they’ve had their hearts broken like that. these are the folks we need to keep. the storytellers.

    [13:20] Satu Moreau: A lot of the best villains have been run off due to overenthusiastic heroes.
    [13:20] (You): right. i got sidetracked again. back to the lore thing
    [13:20] Satu Moreau: Or overzealous ones
    [13:20] Garnet Psaltery: I can’t shed any light on the rp things

  4. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk February 23, 2015

    [13:21] (You): Steadman had made a little museum in the foyer quarry hill, with some nice displays
    [13:21] (You): the mace of olaf is on display now
    [13:21] Steadman Kondor: I have a couple of museum pieces in quarry hill, happy to pass to book worm for the main port later on
    [13:21] Stormy Stillwater: On top of no one taking the villians serious .. and I quote “LOL Hi Doc O. Can I have a hug?”
    [13:21] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): what do i know about RP? I’m Galaxy Man at the moment!
    [13:21] (You): right… back to the center… gah
    [13:21] Garnet Psaltery: Lovely musuem
    [13:21] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Myrtil
    [13:21] Steadman Kondor grins. Thanks!
    [13:21] (You): i don’t like going all out tradtional rp with ‘factions’ and what not, because i think there’s no story if you know everything.

    [13:22] Garnet Psaltery: Some warning of a plot would help though
    [13:22] (You): what sort of things should be displayed at the rezzing point?
    [13:22] Garnet Psaltery: It’s hard to know what to do when something just happens
    [13:22] (You): anyone here remember Sprocket’s indoc center?
    [13:22] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): Yes
    [13:22] Tepic Harlequin: fraid not….
    [13:22] (You): are there specific people who should be introduced at the center?

    [13:23] Garnet Psaltery: You
    [13:23] Zaros Xue: Small model displays from different time periods to give a run down of the whole empire thing, New Babbage becoming a city state etc etc.
    [13:23] Gabrielle Riel: hmm – you
    [13:23] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): well the last time I accidentally villianized the3 place I got a stern talking to and was called a pseudo-griefer! :)
    [13:23] (You): i do think a history time line is essential, so people know where we are not.
    [13:23] Zaros Xue: The Clockwinder, Doc O has to be introduced, I feel he’s a rolemodel for villains.
    [13:23] (You) grins at Les
    [13:23] Tesla Tripsa: Emperor Crumb
    [13:23] Satu Moreau: Is the Writer automaton still in City Hall or can it be moved to the center?
    [13:23] Stormy Stillwater: hello, Tosh!
    [13:23] Avariel Falcon: Yes, Doc O is part of the history
    [13:23] (You): a little forewarning does help before sending out objects Les

    [13:24] Steadman Kondor muses on comic style potted history of NB
    [13:24] (You): Doc O – r.i.p villain
    [13:24] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): i shall eneavor to do so Tenk!
    [13:24] Tosh (toshiro.tigerauge): Hi
    [13:24] (You): ooh, comic strip history
    [13:24] Tepic Harlequin: hmmm…… maybe something about urching?
    [13:24] (You): emperor crumb
    [13:24] Dee Wells (promiscute) waves to Tosh :)
    [13:24] Avariel Falcon: He should be on the timeline in some way

    [13:24] Cessadia Thetan: The history of our city is far too hidden. It needs to be reflected more in the everyday lives and places of its citizens. A book here, a poster there, a trophy on a shelf, a note left among a pile of letters. These small details in builds all across the city can each add a clue to the mosaic that makes up the lore of New Babbage. Clues that point to other citizens, local businesses, events from the past, etc.

    [13:24] Garnet Psaltery nods
    [13:25] Gabrielle Riel: Amen Cessadia
    [13:25] (You): right… monuments is on oiling festival.
    [13:25] (You): again. and always.
    [13:25] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): ah! leave clues eh? will do
    [13:25] Satu Moreau: Oh shoot, that is coming up soon too

    [13:25] Cessadia Thetan: There need to be more connections, not just random items that bear no relationship to the city.

    [13:25] (You): i mean, what were the Moreau Riots really about???
    [13:26] Zaros Xue: Also something I want to talk about is our 188X time marking. Given Babbage started… was it 7 or 8 years ago now? We only have a few more years to stay in 188X. What’s the explanation for that? Are we actually in the year 188XX? Given our timeline has diverged from Earths already surely we could just keep movng forward through time with our own unique history. It would make charting RP events a /lot/ easier too.
    [13:26] Jimmy Branagh: SOmething like a library card file pointing to historical events in the archives, which need some filling out too
    [13:26] Tepic Harlequin: oh….. didn’t i sketch something out about them?
    [13:26] Jimmy Branagh: A lot is missing
    [13:26] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): The loss of the Ning back when didn’t help
    [13:26] Pilipo Underwood: New Babbage goes all Mysty ?
    [13:26] (You): What would you think of introducing some of the political figures, like mornington & underby?
    [13:26] Tepic Harlequin: well, yes… the missing bits let people kibuz…?

    [13:27] Zaros Xue: Definatly introduce Mornington and Underby, they add a lot to the city.
    [13:27] Avariel Falcon: Yes, we need to introduce them
    [13:27] Cessadia Thetan: Amen.
    [13:27] Satu Moreau: Yesh
    [13:27] (You): layfayette steamweaver should prolly be in there too, tho he isn’t around anymore except as a background entity
    [13:27] Garnet Psaltery: Add and subtract (from our pockets)
    [13:27] Avariel Falcon: Maybe ask Vic if he would do a short talky bit too
    [13:27] Satu Moreau: XD
    [13:27] Avariel Falcon: YouTube video or somesuch

    [13:28] (You): what sort of ‘factions’ do you think are significant
    [13:28] (You): urchins
    [13:28] Jimmy Branagh: Inventors
    [13:28] Jimmy Branagh: Scientists/doctors
    [13:28] Tepic Harlequin: :-)
    [13:28] Zaros Xue: Oh one thing we must have in the welcome center is a warning poster telling people to avoid the mysterious ‘blue portaloo’ phenomenon. :P
    [13:28] (You): bartenders

    [13:29] Avariel Falcon: Industrialists
    [13:29] Pilipo Underwood: We could be stuck in some kind of time compression, perhaps something Avariel did with her portals, or some shenanigans of Doc O to keep us in a constant 18xx cycle?
    [13:29] Satu Moreau: I would say thugs, but not many of those IC
    [13:29] Satu Moreau: Or not NPC sorts I should say
    [13:29] Jimmy Branagh: ((gah brb))
    [13:29] (You): could definatly be more of those around
    [13:29] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): I have all of the handouts from the oldest Loki RPs
    [13:29] Tepic Harlequin: we have had thugs, some good ones…
    [13:29] Pilipo Underwood: clockworks
    [13:29] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): or the wole area could get time warped back to 1881
    [13:29] Avariel Falcon: Yes, clockworks ^_^
    [13:29] Satu Moreau: Yeah, but a lot of them aren’t around anymore
    [13:29] Cessadia Thetan: Where have all the working class gone to? It is so hard to find reliable help.
    [13:29] Zaros Xue: I’m sure we’d be able to think our way out of that though just by keeping track. I mean an easier explanation would just be that we can’t be bothered keeping track of time anymore. xD
    [13:29] (You): i always thought that alts tell better stories, because they are more willing to make bad decisions
    [13:30] Steadman Kondor grins

    [13:30] (You): churchies
    [13:30] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): no time for time
    [13:30] Satu Moreau: XD One reason why I have too many
    [13:30] Avariel Falcon: My best friend is an alt
    [13:30] Pilipo Underwood: I would be interested in your handouts, Commodore
    [13:30] Avariel Falcon nods
    [13:30] (You): are the churchie boys still volitile?
    [13:30] Tepic Harlequin: Church has been quite quiet recently….
    [13:30] Satu Moreau: :( Yar
    [13:30] Satu Moreau: Never see anyone but Lapis around
    [13:30] (You): i know they had a rough start due to peole misinterpreting what they were
    [13:30] (You): vampires?

    [13:31] Avariel Falcon: Mermaids
    [13:31] Avariel Falcon: The dark mer
    [13:31] Pilipo Underwood: I miss the Church
    [13:31] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): Considering I think I am damn near next to Kaylee as the oldest one still around
    [13:31] Zaros Xue: Werewolves, of course.
    [13:31] Satu Moreau: Scarcity on the mer anymore too
    [13:31] Pilipo Underwood: ix-nay on the ampire-vay
    [13:31] (You): i would prefer the masquerade over the bloodlines. if that was set out, might discourage the really annoying variety
    [13:31] Satu Moreau: Yar

    [13:32] (You): there is at least one vamp in town, fairly high profile. he does it well.
    [13:32] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): the constabulary and the militia
    [13:32] Pilipo Underwood: Masquerade is not bad, friend tried to recruit me but it’s a slog
    [13:32] Avariel Falcon: Vampires can be good fun
    [13:32] Garnet Psaltery: Does it have to be tied to those varieties?
    [13:32] (You): i might tap him for that just so there’s someoene to point them too
    [13:32] (You): militia, right
    [13:32] Satu Moreau: It doesn’t have to be, Pilipo. Stormy and I rp in an AIM group that has some of it, but they’re blended in with other types.
    [13:32] Avariel Falcon: Do we need one for the animal residents?
    [13:32] Tepic Harlequin: didn’t we have vampires around a few months back?

    [13:33] Avariel Falcon: We have lots of animal residents
    [13:33] (You): the C of M
    [13:33] Garnet Psaltery: I had one in a story but she was solo
    [13:33] Avariel Falcon: At least as NPCs if nothing else
    [13:33] Pilipo Underwood: I have been interested in the militia for a while, kinda fits my history…
    [13:33] Zaros Xue: What are we saying about ghosts? The city had at least two last year or the year before.
    [13:33] Satu Moreau: Oh yeah, significant amount of dead, aren’t there?
    [13:33] zaida Gearbox: isn’t doc o a ghostie now?
    [13:33] Satu Moreau: Ghosts and zombies
    [13:33] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): We’ve had some random ghosts on and off
    [13:33] Pilipo Underwood: Doc does indeed ghost around a bit
    [13:33] (You): ghosts are an unexplained phenom

    [13:34] (You): they pop up now and then
    [13:34] Tepic Harlequin: but very 188x!
    [13:34] (You): subteranneans
    [13:34] Zaros Xue nods.
    [13:34] Satu Moreau: Experiments, or would that be more fit in with the Moreaus?
    [13:34] Satu Moreau: Not many experiments running around either
    [13:34] (You): as a catch all , since there’s been more than one species living down there
    [13:35] Garnet Psaltery: Quite a few clockworks
    [13:35] Avariel Falcon: Its a compleat other world down there in the tunnels!
    [13:35] (You): right. so there’s some poster stuff. what else needs to be seen up front?
    [13:35] Cessadia Thetan: I would rather face a natural disaster than to have to put up with an undead trope. Something for which the city could all pull together. A mighty tempest and some rising waters could surely put us on the right track. Citizens across the entire city could prepare and assist each other to battle the onslaught. And wouldn’t that make for an event of historical proportions?
    [13:35] Pilipo Underwood: My lab was destroyed recently by a Moreaus riot, it went pretty well except for my incompetence destroying a building

  5. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk February 23, 2015

    [13:36] Jimmy Branagh: Back to the time period – There is not “time” in Babbage. It’s 188X. It is ALWAYS 188X. Things change, and progress, but no one seems to grow old. Urchins never grow up (though many have become secretly wealthy hehe). Maybe something in the water. Maybe something unknown from the past or behind the Wall has created this phenomenon.
    [13:36] Garnet Psaltery: That’s a grand idea, Cessadia
    [13:36] (You): hmmm, yes to mrs thetan
    [13:36] Gabrielle Riel knows a bit about causing natural disasters
    [13:36] (You) pencils in smoething for summer this year.
    [13:36] Zaros Xue: Ooo, I like the idea that there’s something stopping the urchins from aging in the water, that sounds fun.

    [13:37] (You): note that we cannot raise sea level here. it’s maxed out
    [13:37] Avariel Falcon: Its probably more complex than that
    [13:37] Garnet Psaltery: Fog
    [13:37] Jimmy Branagh: Urchins who leave Babbage grow up normally, as we’ve seen from the few who have occasionally shown up aged.
    [13:37] Cessadia Thetan: Well, isn’t that what megaprims are for?
    [13:37] Tepic Harlequin: we had the sewer flood last year, or was that the year before?
    [13:37] Gabrielle Riel: Raising the sea level is but one piece of the puzzle. Easily dealt with.
    [13:37] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): temperature inversion because of the smog
    [13:37] zaida Gearbox: there’s something in the air…. mwhahahaha
    [13:37] (You): might work for a week

    [13:38] (You): it would get annoying fast for buidlers. those new snow storms are hell to work around.
    [13:38] Dee Wells (promiscute): Yes
    [13:38] Dee Wells (promiscute): Utter nuisance
    [13:38] Cessadia Thetan: Good lord, I would not want it to last longer than that.
    [13:38] Steadman Kondor: i have mused on starting a contingency planning RP committee – exodus to a new universe (SL2.0) in case of natural disasters
    [13:38] Garnet Psaltery: hehe
    [13:38] Zaros Xue: Yeah, I kinda like the idea of it not being explained. Just another unexplained phenomenon with lots of theories. Most of our urchins don’t age, some do but not many. Leaves space of personal stories.

    [13:39] Gabrielle Riel: 3 days is the best length for a natural disaster. Fri, Sat, Sun.
    [13:39] Avariel Falcon: Yes, some mystery is good
    [13:39] (You): btw.. builders square is a public sandbox. always has been. its not publicized so it doesn not get overrun, as open sandboxes are getting scarce on the grid. i’ve met some cool people working at night there
    [13:39] Gabrielle Riel: Longer than that is annoying.
    [13:39] (You): and better there then out on the fells
    [13:39] Cessadia Thetan: Providing an explanation for every thing is like taking the air out of a balloon.
    [13:39] (You): fells is a private sandbox, and you can say that to anyone yuo see building out in the hills.
    [13:39] Satu Moreau nods
    [13:39] Garnet Psaltery: How easy is it to arrange mining/sewer collapses?

    [13:40] zaida Gearbox: i can’t even get into the fells. it tells me i don’t have access
    [13:40] Tepic Harlequin: they are in a bit of a state just now…..
    [13:40] (You): yes, is it. if you explain everything there is no story left to tell. mrs thetan is right
    [13:40] Jimmy Branagh nods
    [13:40] Zaros Xue nods.
    [13:40] (You): that’s why i say if you character background is longer than a tweet, it’s a boring character.
    [13:40] Jimmy Branagh: Ambiguity leaves things wide open

    [13:41] Tesla Tripsa: My character must be extremely exciting then, since she has no background at all
    [13:41] Pilipo Underwood frowns at his megatweet backstory
    [13:41] Morphed Carter: hi everyone
    [13:41] Garnet Psaltery: Hello Morphed
    [13:41] Avariel Falcon: Mine is just befuddled
    [13:41] (You): and believe me, i don’t want to listen to your highly personal backstory. that’s boyfriend level attention that i just don’t do.
    [13:41] Steadman Kondor: welcome :)
    [13:41] Satu Moreau: XD
    [13:41] Mr. Snow (tehckisnow): Good to see everyone! :)
    [13:41] (You) grins

    [13:42] Jimmy Branagh waves
    [13:42] (You): you wouldn’t believe some of the notecards i get….
    [13:42] Zaros Xue: If you have a long background, compress it down to a general overview. People will learn more about you by reading elsewhere or interacting with you. It makes it a lot more fun for everyone. :)
    [13:42] (You): yes! exactly right
    [13:42] Satu Moreau: I don’t even sit there and tell Stormy my whole backstories.
    [13:42] (You) checks the time
    [13:42] Tepic Harlequin: errrr…… we supposed ter send you a notecard?
    [13:42] Pilipo Underwood looks sideways at the BAR
    [13:42] Garnet Psaltery: I haven’t
    [13:42] Jimmy Branagh: Yup. Bleed your personal story out slowly. Surprise everyone.
    [13:42] Steadman Kondor: Sometimes just a ‘town occupation’ is enough RP info to kickstart a conversation. LIke Victorian publisher
    [13:42] (You): do we have a graphic artist that would be willing to make a series of posters?
    [13:42] Satu Moreau: Exactly, Jimmy

    [13:43] (You): someoen take personalities?
    [13:43] Dee Wells (promiscute): Yes
    [13:43] Steadman Kondor: i’m happy to help with posters
    [13:43] (You): someone take historical events?
    [13:43] Avariel Falcon: Posters are good, I can display them at the power station and other places.
    [13:43] Steadman Kondor: yes historical events
    [13:43] Jimmy Branagh: I’m doing some taxidermy
    [13:43] Stormy Stillwater: I’m a graphic artist, but I lack any form of photo editing program since my last computer went buz buzz die..
    [13:43] Steadman Kondor: cool!
    [13:43] (You): i can see a lot of informatoin being in a netowrk of museums, as those seem to be popular builds lately
    [13:43] zaida Gearbox: i have gimp which sucks
    [13:43] (You): ooh, taxidermy….
    [13:43] Zaros Xue: I could do some small model builds that show historical events…. depends how big you want ’em.

    [13:44] Garnet Psaltery: A rogues’ gallery
    [13:44] Tesla Tripsa: blasphemy, zaida!
    [13:44] Zaros Xue: I’m pretty busy but I could manage little model displays of a few events.
    [13:44] Steadman Kondor: oh! yes rogues gallery
    [13:44] Dee Wells (promiscute): GIMP is excellent
    [13:44] (You): hey, where did the yarble head go? there used to be one above the bar
    [13:44] zaida Gearbox: i really miss photoshop
    [13:44] Tepic Harlequin: fraid rl is a bit busy just now….
    [13:44] Cessadia Thetan: For heavens sake, there are a multitude of ways to express one’s background besides the ubiquitous notecard, spread it out in bits and pieces in your surroundings as I mentioned before. Let a neighbor in on one or two tidbits, the shopkeeper down the street another. before you know it people will be talking about you and that can’t be a bad thing always, can it?
    [13:44] Jimmy Branagh: Also I have small models of builds I’ve done here. Not difficult to do, if anyone would like to do theirs I’ll advise.
    [13:44] Satu Moreau nods to Cessadia
    [13:44] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): The yarble is gone
    [13:44] (You): i love miniatures
    [13:44] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): people talk about you here?
    [13:45] zaida Gearbox: uh yeah
    [13:45] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): i say!
    [13:45] Garnet Psaltery: Everybody talks about everyone – usually rubbish
    [13:45] Steadman Kondor: i have asked for some miniatures of Big Honking machines for my info centre, LOL

  6. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk February 23, 2015

    [13:45] (You): RIGHT, that segues into OILING FESTIVAL
    [13:45] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): outrageious~
    [13:45] zaida Gearbox: read the walls. half of babbage history is on it
    [13:45] Satu Moreau: Lol
    [13:45] Satu Moreau: Steadman
    [13:45] (You): i was wondering where i was going to find the land for it thise year, but some large lots were turned in yesterday.
    [13:45] zaida Gearbox: oh nooo
    [13:45] (You): mr kondor is sponsoring a build for a poppet mine frame
    [13:45] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi) vows to give people something to talk about … soon!
    [13:45] (You): head frame for americans
    [13:46] zaida Gearbox: head frame?
    [13:46] Steadman Kondor: (mine shaft plus miniature version :))) )
    [13:46] Dee Wells (promiscute): Crane derrick, in a way
    [13:46] (You): Les, don’t just spring your toys on people. really. they need fair warning.
    [13:46] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): understood Tenk
    [13:46] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): Yes they do

    [13:47] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): well i’ve been threatening to unleash my drones upon the place for some time now…
    [13:47] Tesla Tripsa: Who doesn’t love a surprise bee gun every now and then
    [13:47] (You): sometimes running and screaming ahead of them like they are after you
    [13:47] Satu Moreau: XD
    [13:47] Avariel Falcon: ^_^
    [13:47] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): I do hope they do not learn to replicate themselves until shot

    [13:48] Morphed Carter wonders who has to pay for repairs after rampages
    [13:48] (You): i’m putting monuments on oiling festival. i don’t think we can have enough of those, tho i realize it is not as accessible to the non-mesh builders
    [13:48] Cessadia Thetan: Foreshadowing need not be forewarning. But it can be a wonderful way to prepare people for an impending circumstance.
    [13:48] (You): blog entries work to. about how your research is going?
    [13:48] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): oh yes

    [13:49] (You): has anyone seen Going Postal? it’s a Discworld movie
    [13:49] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): forgot about that
    [13:49] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): Yes
    [13:49] Zaros Xue: I love Going Postal. <3
    [13:49] Garnet Psaltery: Read it not seen it
    [13:49] Morphed Carter: yup
    [13:49] Jimmy Branagh: Nerp
    [13:49] Steadman Kondor: yes? going postal.
    [13:49] Zaros Xue: Both read and seen it.
    [13:49] (You): you know that big impractical messenger tower?
    [13:49] Satu Moreau: Yesh
    [13:49] (You): we need something like that
    [13:49] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): It's a fun movie
    [13:49] Steadman Kondor grins. Yes!
    [13:49] Zaros Xue: The Klacks/Klax?
    [13:49] (You): signal tower, to be mounted on the city wall, is on oiling festival.
    [13:49] Tepic Harlequin: hehehe semaphore towers!

    [13:50] Jimmy Branagh: Cool. I have semaphore anims
    [13:50] (You): taxidermy is on, that will prolly be the most specialized.
    [13:50] Pilipo Underwood: where is said movie available?
    [13:50] Avariel Falcon: We have wireless telegraph though
    [13:50] zaida Gearbox: two of them
    [13:50] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): I have a copy Phil
    [13:50] Avariel Falcon: And wired telegraph
    [13:50] (You): think of the luddites
    [13:50] Tesla Tripsa: oooh, taxidermy
    [13:50] Avariel Falcon: And pneumatic tubes

    [13:51] (You): wireless is so.... efficient.
    [13:51] (You): we need big impractical monstrous things. it's the steampunk way.
    [13:51] Avariel Falcon: Visual telegraph would be very outmoded
    [13:51] Morphed Carter: pneumatic tubes? an interesting replacement for trams
    [13:51] Jimmy Branagh: AeroTrams have been off the board for awhile. Any consideration?
    [13:51] Tepic Harlequin: and subject to disruption when Big Fat Nellie walks by......
    [13:51] Avariel Falcon: And it would need other tower, not just one
    [13:51] (You): but if it is outmoded, that means we HAD it. i want to see it.
    [13:51] Avariel Falcon: In visual range of each other

    [13:52] Avariel Falcon: France had a big visual telegraph system.
    [13:52] (You): maybe one can be done in miniature and set in the offscape scenery
    [13:52] Avariel Falcon: Worth a research
    [13:52] (You): its big, its wonky. it's hardware that gets into the skyline. that sounds like a babbage build to me.

    [13:53] (You): what else?
    [13:53] Garnet Psaltery: A blue box capture machine
    [13:53] (You): hmm, that might be an HBM
    [13:53] Satu Moreau: XD
    [13:53] (You): how about small build or 2D's?

    [13:54] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): Groceries
    [13:54] (You): hmmm
    [13:54] (You): ok
    [13:54] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): for small builds, i have a little trick that cams you down to an avatar that small
    [13:54] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): it's like you are walking around in a full sized sim but youare teeny
    [13:54] (You): groceries is sort of a 2D slapped on an object
    [13:54] (You): works

    [13:55] Tepic Harlequin: how bout Bills of Sale, an other legal documents people can use?
    [13:55] (You): bills of sale
    [13:55] (You) writes 'legal documents'
    [13:55] Cessadia Thetan: I'm curious, has anyone viewed New Babbage from the perspective of an Oculus Rift device yet? How does the city scale mesh with one's first person view? Is it similar to mouselook in terms of where one's eyeline is?
    [13:55] Jimmy Branagh: Workhouse assignments, as in Court directed
    [13:55] Tepic Harlequin: if we can do template ones people could fill in..?

    [13:56] Jimmy Branagh: Loki has.
    [13:56] (You): how about water towers?
    [13:56] Tosh (toshiro.tigerauge): if you dont want police boxes, just ask vic and others not to put any none blending forms in the rezers they put out. otherwise harrasing people for landing a police box TARDIS seems a bit unfriendly.
    [13:56] Cessadia Thetan makes a note to contact Loki.
    [13:56] Garnet Psaltery: People land them any old place lately
    [13:56] (You) remembers he has a list....
    [13:56] (You): National FLower.
    [13:56] (You): what is that doing on there?

    [13:57] Jimmy Branagh chuckles
    [13:57] (You): fire equipment?
    [13:57] Tepic Harlequin: Stinkwort......
    [13:57] Morphed Carter: they can't be landed any old place - only defined places using pre defined exteriors
    [13:57] (You): how are we on fire equipment?
    [13:57] Avariel Falcon: Fire hydrents!
    [13:57] Satu Moreau: Didn't it recently get replaced?
    [13:57] Dee Wells (promiscute): Yes
    [13:57] Satu Moreau: And tested during the riots?
    [13:57] Dee Wells (promiscute): Still some needed, like vehicles
    [13:57] (You): hmm, let's make the flower a 2d, as that can be a difficult build otherwise.
    [13:57] Tesla Tripsa: I believe it was recently replaced, but not in time to save the Porthead
    [13:57] Satu Moreau: Aw

    [13:58] (You): you can sculpt it when it gets picked Satu
    [13:58] Satu Moreau: Yeah, I think it was the Porthead incident that sparked the replacement
    [13:58] Jimmy Branagh: Stipulate it cannot be highly color saturated. Must be grayish
    [13:58] (You): what kind of vehicles Dee?
    [13:58] Tesla Tripsa: At least some good came of it. Besides the insurance money that is
    [13:58] Garnet Psaltery: hehe
    [13:58] Dee Wells (promiscute): Wagons possibly, to carry gear

    [13:59] Dee Wells (promiscute): Or carts, likely
    [13:59] Zaros Xue: I'd love to see pocket gizmos and gadgets. HSMs or Honking Small Machines Just the small gadgets and gizmos people carry around with them for certain tasks. A portable egg boiler, a steam/smoke escape gadget. They'd have to be big, bulky and impractical of course.
    [13:59] Garnet Psaltery: Ambulance?
    [13:59] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): I still have the old airship Greg made
    [13:59] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): Airborne water drop
    [13:59] (You): so want to make it only street vehicles? no sky hooks or water boats?
    [13:59] Dee Wells (promiscute): Boats might be fun, actually
    [13:59] Morphed Carter: what about one of those van sized vacuum cleaners that used to drive around?

    [14:00] Cessadia Thetan: Water boats would make tremendous sense in a seaside city.
    [14:00] Dee Wells (promiscute): And useful
    [14:00] Dee Wells (promiscute): Yes
    [14:00] Tepic Harlequin: fraid i have to go, been a fun meeting, thank you Mr Tenk!
    [14:00] Avariel Falcon: Goodnight Tepic
    [14:00] (You): hmm. how about 'fire brigade vehicles'
    [14:00] Garnet Psaltery: Bye Tepic
    [14:00] Dee Wells (promiscute): Take care, Tepic :)
    [14:00] (You): that work for everyone?
    [14:00] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): canal fire brigade
    [14:00] Zaros Xue: Sounds good to me.
    [14:00] Dee Wells (promiscute): Sounds good
    [14:00] Jimmy Branagh: Yup
    [14:00] Steadman Kondor: Good
    [14:00] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): That covers all of it
    [14:00] (You): small wearable for cabbits.....
    [14:00] (You): hats?

    [14:01] (You): practical hats?
    [14:01] Myrtil Igaly: straitjackets? :op
    [14:01] Garnet Psaltery: Prams
    [14:01] Zaros Xue: Practical hats would be fun, there's a lot of wrist-mounted or handheld stuff already.
    [14:01] (You): small chirping contraptions?
    [14:01] (You): ok, practical hats. and that can be very primmy
    [14:01] Garnet Psaltery: Mechanical nannies
    [14:01] Morphed Carter: child catcher vans?

    [14:02] (You): just as primmy as an HBM
    [14:02] Morphed Carter: ;)
    [14:02] Cessadia Thetan: Mechanannies?
    [14:02] Avariel Falcon: Communicators liek the ones in The Order 1886
    [14:02] Zaros Xue: Ooo, I'm already screaming with excitement! We'll sponsor the practical hats, of course. :)
    [14:02] Dee Wells (promiscute): Hehe
    [14:02] (You): got fire brigade for vehicles, don't want to get too spread out

    [14:03] (You): is there interest in honking big machines this year?
    [14:03] Dee Wells (promiscute): I thought there always was
    [14:03] Dee Wells (promiscute): Unless we don't have room
    [14:03] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): it's a traditional category
    [14:03] Zaros Xue: I'd love to see space-stuff. We went to the moon didn't we? I'd love to see peoples space-ship designs.
    [14:03] (You) writes in HBM
    [14:03] Garnet Psaltery: Do we make our own oil or do we need a machine to extract it from something?

    [14:04] (You) looks at his list again
    [14:04] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): oh yes
    [14:04] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): i almost forgot
    [14:04] (You): gravitational anvil devices??? what was i thinking.
    [14:04] Dee Wells (promiscute): Hehehe
    [14:04] Rel Klaber: heh
    [14:04] Satu Moreau: o.O
    [14:04] Dr. Henry Jekyll (nyanka.jinx): Sorry I'm late. I had trouble finding the venue.
    [14:04] (You): that's an HBM if i ever heard one
    [14:04] Dee Wells (promiscute): XD
    [14:04] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): in RL i've been 3D printing some Tesla Valves
    [14:04] Garnet Psaltery: Hello Dr

    [14:05] Dr. Henry Jekyll (nyanka.jinx): Hello, Miss Psaltery.
    [14:05] Dee Wells (promiscute): Caesar will like that oine
    [14:05] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): according to the original Tesla patent
    [14:05] (You): hm. gates and rails. factory gates
    [14:05] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): someone posted it on Thingiverse and i printed two
    [14:05] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): if anyone wants one, see me
    [14:05] (You): would be nice to have more of those, but don't want to put too many categories in
    [14:05] Dee Wells (promiscute): That's a good one, I think
    [14:06] Dee Wells (promiscute): Easy for people to come up with something, might be a close one
    [14:06] (You): yeah, you should be building those and putting them on marketplace so i can buy them.....

  7. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk February 23, 2015

    [14:06] (You): how about books?
    [14:06] Dee Wells (promiscute): XD
    [14:06] (You): for one more small one?
    [14:06] Jimmy Branagh: Prop books?
    [14:06] (You): yeah
    [14:06] Dee Wells (promiscute): Books does sound good
    [14:06] Jimmy Branagh: THINC books?

    [14:07] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): what on marketplace? the Tesla Valves?
    [14:07] Dr. Henry Jekyll (nyanka.jinx): Books. That sounds fun.
    [14:07] (You): prob books, things to display
    [14:07] Dee Wells (promiscute): Interesting titles, etc
    [14:07] Myrtil Igaly: can be part of the almost-2D-category
    [14:07] Garnet Psaltery: Nice idea
    [14:07] Steadman Kondor: good idea :)
    [14:07] Jimmy Branagh: Yeah that’s good
    [14:07] (You): there’s prolly some mesh out there than can be textured?
    [14:07] Steadman Kondor: Please let me know if any categories missing some sponsors
    [14:07] Garnet Psaltery: Amusing titles
    [14:07] Cessadia Thetan: Yes, we need some New Babbage-centric titles.
    [14:07] Zaros Xue: I have a book mesh already that could be re-textured.
    [14:07] Jimmy Branagh: me too
    [14:07] Steadman Kondor: i have tried out a few mesh books, they are getting low in price for full perm mesh
    [14:07] (You): groceries and books and legal documents for the 2d and almost 2d’s

    [14:08] Tesla Tripsa: what about an actual inworld book that can be read? for the writers
    [14:08] Dr. Henry Jekyll (nyanka.jinx): Could someone fill me in on what categories we’re doing? I missed an hour of the meeting.
    [14:08] Myrtil Igaly: and flower
    [14:08] Dee Wells (promiscute) hopes nobody goes into the Literature Academy looking at book titles
    [14:08] (You): monuments, taxidermy for sculting
    [14:08] (You): practical hats
    [14:08] (You): fire brigade vehicles
    [14:08] Cessadia Thetan: New Babbage-related book objects/props that help illuminate different parts of our culture and history.
    [14:08] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): oops sorry for audio
    [14:08] (You): poppet mine, signal tower, and HBM for large builds

    [14:09] Dr. Henry Jekyll (nyanka.jinx): Thank you.
    [14:09] Cessadia Thetan: A cover and book title can say so much.
    [14:09] (You): yeah, we’re going to been books to leave around the rp welcome center. lot of info you can get just from browsing the spines.
    [14:09] zaida Gearbox: when is the oiling festival?
    [14:09] (You): march
    [14:09] (You): as balanced against my real life calendar
    [14:09] (You): how many weeks you want?

    [14:10] Zaros Xue: Three or four would be good for me and Kea.
    [14:10] (You): 2 at shorterst, but it tends to run over by popular demand
    [14:10] (You) whispers: OH!!!
    [14:10] (You): Yes, there is something that needs replacing!!!
    [14:10] (You): the copper and iron canal bridges
    [14:10] (You): those things are 32 prims each
    [14:10] Steadman Kondor: oh cool :D
    [14:10] Dee Wells (promiscute): Yikes
    [14:10] Rel Klaber: I’ve set aside funds to sponsor a category, had fun last year. ^^
    [14:10] (You): and lots of torii in them. not good for sim performance.

    [14:11] Dee Wells (promiscute): And can’t use materials on them
    [14:11] Dr. Henry Jekyll (nyanka.jinx): Somebody mesh a new bridge or two.
    [14:11] (You): if those can get replaced, maybe ther’d be enogh prims for an underslung monorail or something
    [14:11] Tesla Tripsa: sounds good
    [14:11] Dee Wells (promiscute): Nice
    [14:11] Rel Klaber: I’d get behind the bridges ^^
    [14:11] (You): those are originals, so it is going to have to be something special to replace them.
    [14:11] Jimmy Branagh: ((brb))
    [14:11] (You): they are arched as they are for boat clearance.
    [14:11] Cessadia Thetan loves to hear the sound of progress marching on

    [14:12] (You): i’ll look up what the standard clearance is.. i think it is 4m
    [14:12] Tesla Tripsa: will all this info be on the not-ning or whatever that’s called, maybe with the required specs for replacement bridges
    [14:12] (You): right, i’m counting 12 cats now
    [14:12] Zaros Xue: 12 whole, live, cats.
    [14:12] (You): yes, it will be posted. and notecards.

    [14:13] Dr. Henry Jekyll (nyanka.jinx): Why are we using cats for measurement?
    [14:13] (You): and there’s usualy one that pops up later to make it a nice round 13. you can sponsor a category, as always.
    [14:13] (You) checks the time
    [14:13] (You): hour is over
    [14:13] Rel Klaber: lol
    [14:13] zaida Gearbox: what else are they good for?
    [14:13] (You): i don’t keep you
    [14:13] Dee Wells (promiscute): Cat(egories)
    [14:13] Garnet Psaltery: Productive meeting
    [14:13] Dr. Henry Jekyll (nyanka.jinx): Oh. Whoops.
    [14:13] (You): wait,… was national flower in or out?

    [14:14] Garnet Psaltery: Time it was in
    [14:14] (You): in
    [14:14] Cessadia Thetan: I’m afraid I must start back to Falun. I don’t want to miss my train…
    [14:14] (You): 13
    [14:14] (You): good number
    [14:14] Avariel Falcon nods
    [14:14] Tosh (toshiro.tigerauge): So long as its not soot themed x,x
    [14:14] Dee Wells (promiscute): Take care, Cessadia :)
    [14:14] Zaros Xue: Me and Kea will sponsor the hats, we can use our parcel in Babbage Square to host it. Gotta have something there while we build the portals and locations to go to.
    [14:14] Avariel Falcon: My favorite number after 3
    [14:14] Steadman Kondor: “What can possibly go wrong!?”
    [14:14] (You): thanks for coming.
    [14:14] Garnet Psaltery: Safe travels, Cessadia
    [14:14] Tesla Tripsa: Perhaps a poster for what was once the national flower, until they all died out due to the smog?
    [14:14] (You): now that my isp is more stable, i’ll try to get back on the quarterly track.
    [14:14] Cessadia Thetan: Thank you. A good day to you all!
    [14:14] Dee Wells (promiscute): Hehe Tesla XD
    [14:14] zaida Gearbox: a very hearty clower
    [14:14] (You): last year was just too depressing to even try
    [14:14] zaida Gearbox: flower*

    [14:15] Steadman Kondor: Take care all. Amazing to see you all :D Happy building everyone
    [14:15] Garnet Psaltery: Bye Steadman
    [14:15] Avariel Falcon: Keep well everyone
    [14:15] Myrtil Igaly: Be careful about the prim count for the hats
    [14:15] Dr. Henry Jekyll (nyanka.jinx): Goodbye.
    [14:15] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi): Dee, thank you for your company
    [14:15] Garnet Psaltery: Bye Avariel
    [14:15] Avariel Falcon bows
    [14:15] Myrtil Igaly: if they rez a dozen of 256 prims hats…
    [14:15] Dee Wells (promiscute): Take care :)
    [14:15] Creator Les (inventor.alchemi) wanders off muttering something about his drones…
    [14:15] Zaros Xue: Actually… fair point… we may not have the resources! xD
    [14:15] Jimmy Branagh waves to all

    [14:16] Zaros Xue: Perhaps the fells would be a better hosting location, whatever works. Either way we’ll sponsor it. :)
    [14:16] Myrtil Igaly: bedtime for me!
    [14:16] Garnet Psaltery: Back home for a bit – cheerio folks
    [14:16] Myrtil Igaly: Good night!
    [14:16] Garnet Psaltery: Night Myrtil
    [14:16] Dr. Henry Jekyll (nyanka.jinx) waves goodbye to those who are leaving.
    [14:16] Dee Wells (promiscute): The Fells will be full one day into Oiling
    [14:16] [noctis] MESH leather wingback chair (13p, 9 PE) whispers:
    (⇞PgUp or ⇟ PgDn ) change your pose. Touch for menu.
    [14:16] Dee Wells (promiscute): Kind of like now *cough*

    [14:17] Jimmy Branagh: Awlroight, Oy’m off. Byeee!
    [14:17] Stormy Stillwater: byes!
    [14:17] Dee Wells (promiscute): Take care, Jimmy :)
    [14:17] zaida Gearbox: i just build above my buildings
    [14:17] Satu Moreau: Bye
    [14:17] Zaros Xue: Good morning/afternoon/evening/night all. I shall see you all around.
    [14:17] Dee Wells (promiscute): Hehe, take care :)
    [14:17] Rel Klaber: ^^

    [14:18] Dr. Henry Jekyll (nyanka.jinx): Well, this place emptied quickly.
    [14:18] Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): It normally does
    [14:18] Dr. Henry Jekyll (nyanka.jinx): Erm, I can see why.
    [14:18] Dee Wells (promiscute): Things to see, people to… well, you know what I mean
    [14:18] (You): lemme get this chat log and log out before i botch

  8. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs February 23, 2015

    *sigh*  Woulda been nice if notification of this had been put in the Events listings.  I had no idea this was happening.

    • Nyanka Jinx Nyanka Jinx February 23, 2015

      He told us this event was going to happen in the group chat. (Not the event, the announcement) But I agree with you about the events listings. I think it should be updated.

  9. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs February 23, 2015

    “[13:18] (You): our lore is too deep
    [13:18] (You): and there’s just a handful of us that know how to mine the archives”


    What about the archives is difficult?  Is there anything we can do to make it easier?

    • Grendel Footman Grendel Footman April 26, 2016

      internet shortens attention spans maybe.   You have alot of TL:DR types out there now

      • Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin April 26, 2016

        Sorry i missed that.. shortens what? hehehehe

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