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Something Turns Up… ((Blackheart spoilers))

For fear of causing a panic, I had kept quiet about what I had discovered about the nature of the Babbage ‘Beast’, though beast is quite an apt description, because by the time I had caught up to events, it seemed that the monster might have been contained…  


Unfortunatly, the equally unfortunate piece of evidence I was led to tonight has changed that opinion.  Following a tip from someone who had come across it earlier, I scoured the piers at the port and discovered a body that had drifted in…the body of Bernard Blindside, the missing archaeologist.  Given the evidence I had found so far, I was of the opinion that Mr. Blindside, in an attempt to try and ‘fix’ an experiment that should never have taken place at all, had been behind the failure of young Gadget’s trap.  For certain it was no random gas explosion that managed to punch a shaped charge not only throught the ceiling of the sewer tunnel and up to the street, but through the solid steel of the trap’s floor as well!


Believing that Blindside had managed to capture the beast, thus removing its immediate threat to the population, though what he might do with it could prove one even greater, I believed that I, or another, would have extra time to catch up with him and see to it that this creation was destroyed somehow.  Unfortunatly, catch up to him I have, but not as I would have thought.  An inspection of the body showed that he had not drowned, but instead had fallen to his death.  Is it possible he was transporting the creature by airship and was thrown overboard by it?  Unlikely given that the airship dock is at the northernmost part of the city, and certainly nowhere near the Vernian.  More likely he fell from somewhere high up within the city.  However, what were the circumstances of his death?  Did he lose control of the beast?  Did the Malkuth catch up to him?  I dearly hope that it was the latter, for then there might be a chance that the creature didn’t escape, otherwise, it could once again be at large…

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  1. Gadget Starsider Gadget Starsider December 7, 2010

    Sir, I think it were the same person wot murdered Blindside as freed the Beest from me trap and that person now ‘as the beest.

    The body is not a pretty sight and looks as if it ‘as fallen onto rock and then been washed in to where it is now by the tide. Perhaps you might be able to find out more if you can find any clues at the murder scene, where ‘e were pushed onto rocks from a height.

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