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Some things are best left unheard…((Private Diary, but feel free to reply))

Its nights like this that working late night in the gut will give anyone the willies…especially with so much happening around town. Such ist he life of an heiress though, work work work work…

However, something caught my attentions walking home…that disgusting rat-teeth of a man, Rusty. He seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere, and tonight I felt the need to follow…very far behind that is.

He slipped into some far too nice apartments and made his way up the stairs. Sure he was out of ear shot, I went in myself taking care to remove my shoes and leave them at the top of the stairs, stepping lightly and listening very grateful it was only a two floor complex.

I stopped as I heard the rustling, a thud, and the mans voice afterward followed by that of a…man? Or was it a woman? I wasn’t sure…but this is what I heard.

 RustyBones belted out “‘Ey darlin”
Person: Ugh…you disgust me: So what are we doing? Letting New Babbage go even more unpicked, or is that midget making you soft?
RustyBones Fearsum: Pfft, what midget? I’m still thinkin. Can’t do just anythin ta grab their attention. ‘S gotta be good. An not get caught pullin it off too. Sellin protection’s profitable, but too cheesy. An folks roun here wouldn’ stand fer it. They ain’t timid enough to fall for that racket.
Person: What are you talking about protection?  You’d have to protect those idiots from themselves, and that I am not too into doing for certain.

RustyBones: You tellin me you ain’t heard a that?
Person: Heard of what?
RustyBones Fearsum: Thugs come in, rough up the people, tear up the place. An someone comes in behind em with a deal. Say, “I can keep em off yer back if ya pay up”
there was a pause for a moment and I prayed silently it was just to get a drink…he continued on.
RustyBones: “I got ins with the thugs. I can tell ’em to lay off ya” and you’re all “But it’s gonna cost ya”…That kinda thing.
Person: Boring….and I heard a chair move afterward.
RustyBones: Good money makin scam with the right people. But Babbage ain’t the right people. An you got too much class fer it.Ain’t gonna get far with just the two of us. An too many makes it too risky a someone turnin on us.
Person: Who can we trust…-she begins to go over business numbers and thinks- No one I care about in this town that would really….-hmphs- REALLY be worth their grain of soot in the family.
RustyBones: First I’d point to, I’d just as quick say we couldn’t trust. That Underby fella…He’s got a hand under the table, I can smell it.
Person: “That walking corpse…”
RustyBones: But he’s a slimy weasel. Probably’d sell out his own mother if she weren’t already dead on the end of his bar.
Person: He’s about as evil as a baby pitbull…toothless….-
RustyBones: Nah, ain’t so toothless. Shiftless, spineless, maybe.
Person: You do -know- that he has a history of being “bad” in New Babbage, and is on the “straight and narrow” again?
RustyBones: I heard some thins, yeah.
Person: He has conspired and even succeeded in taking over New Babbage….
RustyBones: Pfft, what made him stop?
Person: A man like that is no good to us as a good fellow…because he’ll know how to stop. Love…-the voice seemed to murmer-
RustyBones: Which comes ta my secon pick. Who’d also be too dangerous fer us ta trust. His wife. An I know woman like that wouldn’t traffic with playin second fiddle to ya…So that one’s out too.
‘Sides.. She got fairy blood stink on her. She done somethin. Not sure what though…
Person: Of course not. That hag wouldn’t love more than to be the bane in Tenk’s spine…but not under me…
RustyBones  THey both do, really. But her more’n him and Fer several reasons.
Person: I’m waiting…..
RustyBones: MacBain.

I heard the slamming of something and can only think of what horrid tussle was going on…but afterward I figured it just fists as the person shouted. “ABSOLUTELY NOT!”
RustyBones laughed though and I knew it must of been a grand fit of anger.
RustyBones: Got a bit a dirt on her. But she’d likely sooner give up her secret than betray Tenk.
Person: Of course…. AND she’s a good friend of that bothersome trio… Even if she did help out…she’d wan ta get Sky involved…and where the Sky is falling, the Scott is there to play catch.
RustyBones: Which woulda made it all the bigger stab in the back ta em if we could get her in. But again, too risky.
Person: MUCH too risky…

There was another moment of silence before the slimy words came from the persons mouth that made my hairs stand on end.

Person: Urchins….
RustyBones: A course.
Person: How many of them are there? Dozens?
RustyBones: But it’s findin the ones ain’t gonna snitch ta everyone under the sun.
Person: Who’s the hungriest….most lonely….Afraid of death? -tsks and turns around- That dying of Skylar must of given some of them a start. I found our…stepping stone.
RustyBones: Wanna clue me in, Darlin?
Person: Loki…..That little rat you so lovingly encouraged to get dirty after I spent time on him…..and money…I HATE wasting money…
RustyBones: Hehe, little wolf kid needs a pack ta run with. Stillwater’s supposedly taken him under wing an educatin him though. How much we get ’round that?
Person: Perfect! Stillwater is brilliant! Insane…but VERY intelligent…
RustyBones: What, Stillwater?  I’d count more on his insanity than ‘telligence ta ‘lign up with us.
Person: Oh he’s brilliant….that man…I get excited just thinking about his mind…
RustyBones snorts. “Don’t see ya gettin that ‘cited bout mine.”
Person: Jealous dear?
RustyBones: “Just a mite bit. But it ain’t yer fault, darlin, I know that. I let ya think I ain’t that much on smarts. Keep enough people in the dark an the world underestimates ya. Gives ya the upper hand.” Ain’t that right? Miss Innocence.
Person: Me? I’m not innocent…or where you referring to my understanding of your smarts? But yes…he excites me greatly Rusty…In ways your dirty little mind would love to imagine.
RustyBones: Well ain’t that just… so special…Right then. What you propose to bait ‘im in with? An if he refuses, what’s ta keep that brilliant mind ya love so much from runnin off an tattlin?

I felt sick…the conversation had me so wrapped up in it’s horrid mentionings that my blood could go cold.
But what do I do?? Who do I tell? No one would BELIEVE me…I don’t fit in anywhere in this town and the people I can tell…well..they’re elsewhere.

Jed…she would know what to do…but finding her is like searching for a redhead in an ant hill.

What to do…

I had to leave quickly…less I lose my supper on the floor, that and what was being heard behind the door was far from appropriate…and sickened me even more.

I darted off, grabbing my heels not caring to put them on and made my way into the night. Drat it Babbage…where’s a REAL hero when you needed one…

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  1. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman October 19, 2010

    well, as soon as I finish my steampowered Iron man armor, I’ll get back to you

  2. Bianca Namori Bianca Namori October 19, 2010

    I’ll be waiting. One arm less, but I will be waiting.

  3. Stargirl Macbain Stargirl Macbain October 19, 2010

    I *KNEW* I didn’t like the look of that Rusty character, he has a sneaky look about him.  How can a man standing in a public house manage to look like he’s trespassing? Nice to know the animal instincts are correct!

    • Bianca Namori Bianca Namori October 19, 2010

      It’s the eyes…never trust anyone with shifty eyes!

    • Bianca Namori Bianca Namori October 19, 2010

      -shrugs- I guess you’ll have to ask the “person”, but from what I was feeling that night…neither of them should be around those two.

  4. Mr Underby Mr Underby October 19, 2010

    I have a feeling I know who “person” is… time will tell.

    • Bianca Namori Bianca Namori October 19, 2010

      What a lovely game of clue this will be, no?

      One I’m reaping the rewards of…-whines and rubs her nub-

  5. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin October 19, 2010

    Mr Fearsome is alright, i met him a couple of times, an though he musta drunk quite a bit, cus he seemed to stagger rather, he didn’t yell or try to hit me or anything, just asked a few questions and was quite nice….  don’t see any reason not to run errands for him, like anyone else….  seem ter remember meeting him last weekedn, but me memories are kinda hazzy about then, dunno why….

    • Rusty Bones Rusty Bones October 19, 2010

      :walks past, dropping a dead vole in Tepic’s pocket:

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