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Some Explosive Fun

Just a heads up for those who would like to head out to Miskatonic University today, starting at 12pm SLT:

I’m going to start things off with a two hour dance in the Atrium of the University.  Avatar Bizarre is giving out a free Duke Windsor style suit for the occasion, and we’ll be dancing to some awesome songs from the likes of Trees, Love and Rockets, Gary Numan, Nuvo West, Oingo Boingo, The Limousines, David Bowie, Cliff Richard, Danielle Dax, Oingo Boingo, and a whole lot more.

We’re going to feature some rather. . .explosive entertainment during this event, so pyromaniacs and bomb defusers are welcome!  I’m hoping Mr. Tesla’s Earthquake Machine will shake us to our very foundation.

Afterwards, we’re going to be having some fun in a grand Lovecraft Role Play event, headed by Candace Bethune and Ceres Eilde.  If you’d like more information on characters, development, or just want to be a part as a monster, please contact either inworld.

Oh, and the suit?  Here be a picture:

Not to worry, ladies, because there will be a free outfit for you, as well!

Hope to see you there.

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