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Snow Sheep. Carols and Thoughts (Dark Aether)

As he made the last few touches to his snow sheep, Tepic looked round at all the different show creations that littered Clockhaven Square. They were truely wonderful, and so many people had made something this year. He sat back contented, taking out his flute from his pocket and began to reherse his repetoire of carols, always a good earner at this time of year and fun to play too.

The last pages of the Writer’s Book had seemed clear that whatever was to happen was probably going to start that day. Seemed a bit of a shame, there was so much to look forward to – the party that evening, which he was intending to stay up for, the Urchin’s Party the next night, and Christmas Day itself…… How could everything end and not know if his snow sheep had won?

Nope, it was best if everything just carried on, there was just far too much to do and too much fun to be had… After all, he hadn’t visited Miss Hermit’s Temple yet – of course he had visited Nipon that one time, strange place, everyone made such a fuss of him, but he hadn’t gone back yet. Myrtil was still missing and probably needed rescuing – if not, maybe whoever had got her might need rescuing from Myrtil, you never knew with girls…

Still, if it did all go wrong, even with all the preperations he’s made after reading the Book, dying was just another adventure, he guessed. He’d be able to play properly with Evie and the poor dead kitten, and see his family again. It wasn’t something he had done yet, so it would all be new, and kind of interesting. According to the Book, he was on Loki’s airship when it crashed, and he had his parachute ready. Of course, they don’t always work, so he had already worked out that if he came down in the sea, he had to try diving – he knew from experience how much it hurt when you didn’t get that right! On land was more difficult, though the pillow armour could help. He guessed it would be best to try and roll, like you do when jumping off shed roofs while being chased be people who thought you were after their chickens… He did hope that if he was to get killed, it would at least be quick, and he was fairly sure it would be, crashing from an airship did tend to be quite quick, from the descriptions he had read in the newspapers…

Well, he would just have to see, and whatever, it was bound to be exciting and interesting, even if it did sound rather scary in places….

Tepic got up, still playing his carols, and wandered off into the City, his home.

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  1. Cyan Rayna Cyan Rayna December 16, 2011

    Well don’t worry Tepic I’m not letting no giant eyeball eat me either.

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