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Snow Animal Contest – Spiders!

Friendly greetings everyone!

The judging is complete and we now have the results of the New-Babbage Snow Animal Contest for this year 188x! Yay!

All entries were judged on Incy Wincyness, Fuzzlyness and SQUEE!




In first place this year we have Insy winsy spider by Rosie Helendale!

Scoring highly in all three categories of Incy Wincyness, Fuzzlyness and SQUEE!



In second place we have Sir Spins-a-lot by June Forsythe!

Scoring highly in Fuzzlyness and SQUEE!



In third place we have Cubist Spider by Kimika Ying!

This spider scores very highly in Incy Wincyness!
























Finally we have one runner up this year Snowman Spider by Maxwell Grantly!


Thank you to all who took part and we will see you all again in 188x for next years snow animal contest!

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  1. River Falcon River Falcon February 10, 2018

    Congratulations to Rosie Helendale, on her well-deserved first place. I did enjoy seeing her spider. Well done to June and Kimika too, for their second and third places.

    Most importantly, thank you to Avariel for organising this fun competition. Thank you indeed!

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