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Should Have Got the Warranty

Moments after stepping off the ship and out into this ‘air,’ I stopped to purchase a pair of the requisite goggles. Having only just got them to fit and set about my way, I heard a commotion followed by a small arms shot at close range. Instantly I felt a nasty pressure against my eye, and saw that some clod had ruined my nice new goggles. This will not do. I shouted at the coward to step into the open and confront me, which was met with scurrying and then silence. How inconvenient to be bothered with a visit to hospital when there is money to be made. Don’t worry little trigger-happy anti-goggle friend; we shall meet again soon enough.

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  1. Blackberry Harvey Blackberry Harvey February 16, 2014

    I am glad you received fair service. I shall commend the staff on being helpful despite the hospital not being open yet!

    • Spirit Spirit February 16, 2014

      *whispers* Need hospital opening party! Yay!

    • Audrey Winchester Audrey Winchester February 16, 2014

      I was quite surprised how few patients were there, aside from the nine corpses in the reception area. And it did strike me odd that the doctor had such a high voice and was 8 feet tall with a tiny head and short arms with an oddly fitting lab coat with the sleeves hanging down, tiny feet and a face like a child, but who am I to judge? I just thought he must be from the mainland…

      • Blackberry Harvey Blackberry Harvey February 16, 2014

        That’s the last time I use a placement service!

      • Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein February 18, 2014

        ::grimaces at the thought of mainlanders mucking up his surgical instruments:: Time to sterilize everything. Well, if you ever do need care at the hospital again, I hope you’re not put off by my own ridiculous height. At least I’m well proportioned.

      • Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg February 18, 2014

        If you had said that he had long arms and big hands and feet, and very pale skin, I would have thought…

        Well, nevermind.  The thought of one of them in a hospital standing over nine corpses is just a bit too macabre to consider.

        • Mortimer Morlock Mortimer Morlock February 18, 2014

          It sounds like a Banquet.

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