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She’s Practically Perfect in Every Way, Almost.

The 10:00pm train rolled to a stop at the New Babbage depot, the ticket taker smiled pleasantly at Angel as she stepped onto the lonely platform. Now don’ go wonderin’ about, young Miss. He said, offering her a hand down. Angel nodded, a fairly indifferent expression on her face as she gripped the handle of her leather hand bag, which held everything she happened to own in the world. Thank you, Angel said as she made her way to the dimly lit street, where only silence and a thick fog greeted her.

Angel appeared as a fair skinned girl of around fifteen or sixteen with long wheat coloured hair that framed her face, only making her features seem smaller than they really were. She wore a modest black dress and matching boots which added a few inches to her diminutive height, with only a simple silver locket to adorn her neck. It was obvious that she was of a refined back ground.

Angel stood beside the platform as the train made it’s departure. Motionless like a statue she stood there for what seemed like half an hour before she began to walk. No particular direction, no real reason other than to wander., that is until she stumbled upon a ripped, and damp poster on the ground.

HELP WANTED, One orderly needed. Must be strong and able to follow instructions.One Maid needed, Experience not needed. Must have a strong stomach.

Angel stood and navigated the maze of dark streets until she came upon gates of the asylum. She pressed her hand against the heavy gate and entered the court yard as it swung open. As she approached the heavy door she noticed a moreau at a desk through the front window, and so she knocked.

A young rabbit Moreau opened the door to greet her. ‘ello?, Kasa said as she opened the door. Yes, is this  The Murgam Asylum? Sure is, the bunny replied as she held the door open. Angel entered she nodded to the White Fox Moreau who was behind the desk “I apologize for my late visit, but I have just arrived in town, and wished to inquire for the position of maid.

Yes, yes! Do come in. The moreau behind the desk said with a rather wide smile “I am Doctor Fade, please wait just a moment while I fetch Professor Rance. Angel said nothing as he exited the room only to return a few moments later with a tall, lanky man with hair the texture of dry straw, and a gaunt face that seemed to be in a perpetual scowl. Yes, what is your name, and why would you want to work here? he asked in a rather begrudging tone.

Yes, my name is Angel Gunnerkrigg, I have just arrived in town and I saw your poster at the train depot. She said softly as she opened her brown leather hand bag, and produced a letter of referral from her former employers. I worked for the Solan family of Caledon for one year, and have them as a reference. She said before handing the letter to Rance, who’s eyes lit up at the mention of the Solan family. That’s.. a very good reference.. Please come with me.

Professor Rance led her to his office, followed by Doctor fade who silently took a seat in the corner. Please have a seat, Miss Gunnerkrigg. Tell me, why would you want to work here, I mean you seem to be a young lady of regal regard, why resign yourself to a lowly maid? Angel took a seat and folded her hands in her lap. Quite simply, I do not desire to be anything more. she stated, leaving professor Rance a bit dumbfounded. Alright, why should we employ you? I am efficient, I do not scare and no chore is too unsavory for me.

Rance chuckled at her words. Why do you say this? Angel once again opened her hand bag to produce a folder from the University of Caledon. I have a unique advantage. I am unable to feel, express, or show emotion. I do not feel fear, and I do not get bored. She placed the folder on Rance’s desk for him to look at. Professor Rance spent some minutes looking over what appeared to be medical records detailing the case of one Angel Gunnerkrigg, who’s abnormal lack of a particular lobe prevented her from feeling emotions.

I see, Rance pondered, for a moment before offering a rather awkward smile. “Well, the position is still open, though we do have other applicants.. Do you have a place to stay for the night? I do not, she answered in her indifferent tone, which by now made sense. Rance jotted down an address to a hotel that was near by. Also, do you mind if I hold on to these? He placed his hand over the medical file and drew it closer to him. Not at all. Angel answered as she stood. We will have an answer for you in the morning. Thank you, it was a pleasure to meet you, Professor Rance, Doctor Fade. I will see my way out. She turned to walk down the staircase hearing the two talk as the door shut behind her.

The next morning Angel arose to a knock at the rather shabby room she had rented. She answered the door to see a messenger who handed her a letter, a letter instructing her to report for duty that afternoon. Angel placed the letter on the bedside table before looking into the mirror, and began to brush her hair. So it begins again.


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