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Setbacks concerning my experiments

May 18th

There has been some progress in my experiments concerning the energy extractor device.
There were significant setbacks before I decided to use several small devices
instead of one which tended to overheat with catastrophic results. I am
constantly in need of more ingredients for my experiments and my key power
source, honey, seems to be running out, too. I suppose I have to go find some
more, although climbing all the way to get it might be more dangerous than I
thought at first.

In other news, there has been an unusually slow season in the mortuary, which seems to
show little sign of discontinuing. I am happy there have been one or two
autopsies a week, so my income as an acting coroner has decreased as well. Especially
interesting was the case of a young man found dead right in front of my own
clinic door. The poor man seems to have suffered an accidental death with significant injuries.

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  1. Buckminster Solo Buckminster Solo May 20, 2014

    *Tears apart his cluttered office searching for a product catalog.* “Mr. Effingham! Tuck in your shirttail and comb your hair. I might have a sales lead. And go to botanics and get some mint leaves to chew. Get the beer and knockwurst off your breath.”




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