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Sept. 19th – Metaphorical Mayhem

Bookworm returned to the hospital late that night, taking the route from asylum to hospital at a quick but silent trot, weapons ready. Once inside, she relaxed a little, and went upstairs to the room where Beryl had been brought. She quietly opened the door and peeked in.

“Book.” Beryl’s voice sounded a little more coherent, but his eyes were lowered, and he was obviously still quite feverish.

“Beryl.” She stepped inside.

“I don’t think that I’ll be able to do anything else to help you.” Before Bookworm could do more than stiffen a little with worry at those words, he continued, “It’s going to end soon. I dreamed it.”

“I don’t suppose you saw how it’ll end…”

Beryl shook his head. “The future is not set in stone. We change it with every choice we make. I’ve seen it end… several ways. Not just one way.”

“Ahh, well. Had to try.” She wryly smiled a little.

“The way that’s clearest, meaning the most likely if nothing changes…” He paused, and looked up at her, eyes bright with fever. “Prometheus on fire. Smashing the asylum with his foot as he dies.” At Bookworm’s raised eyebrow, he continued, “I wish that was clear, but I think it’s a… metaphor.”

“I don’t like the sound of it, metaphor or not.”

Beryl shrugged. “Maybe Prometheus just shatters any faith anyone ever had in the asylum.” He didn’t sound convinced, though. “Book… take Wright with you when you fight Prometheus.” Bookworm nodded, a little mystified, but before she could ask, he added, “As for where he is – the sky. That’s all I have. The sky. Do you have anything to add?”

“Nothing,” she replied shaking her head. “Except that Freya’s installed in the asylum now.”

Beryl gave her a wry look. “I warned you, didn’t I? Chaos in your future.”

“You did.” Bookworm nodded.

“Will you asked Miss Violet for help yet?”

Sighing, she looked out the window and across to the canal, seeing the bulk of Miss Solano’s warehouse there. But she didn’t answer.

“She has something you need – desperately need. An airship belonging to someone known to hate the militia.” He gave her a tired feline grin as his eyes drooped.

“Hmm. Indeed…” That was certainly a good thought. Distasteful as it might be, she might just end up answering Miss Solano’s offer after all.

Beryl yawned, his eyes drooping. “I’m going back to sleep now,” he said, his voice slurring a bit. “It would be nice to have less chaotic dreams.”

“I hope so.” Bookworm withdrew quietly, closing the door softly behind her.

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