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Sensible Precautions

Tepic read the latest page that the Writer Automoton had written, and made a barely audible exclamation under his breath…

“Oh bugger!”

Shortly after the Oriental Import Company noticed that a bolt of finest silk was missing, along with several spools of strong silk cord, and the Military Outfitters discovered an open back window, and a slight deficiency in infantry backpack supplies…

Tepic was taking precautions!

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  1. Gilhooly Skute Gilhooly Skute October 18, 2011

    Wot? wot’s it say then? can’t be all bad, tis like a player piano readin he a story, aye?

    • Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin October 18, 2011

      well, seems i’m on Loki’s airship when it gets squished….. from now on, i’m wearing a parachute! hehe

  2. Gadget Starsider Gadget Starsider October 18, 2011

    Is that a tandem parachute by any chance Tepic? :S

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