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Secret candy-stealing operation

I’m slowly finding my feet in New Babbage. I know where to sleep, where to play hopscotch, and the best part: I’ve made new friends. They’ve warned me that there’s some nasty people in town, but so far, no one’s been mean to me like in my village. If I see an adult, I’ll just hide behind one of the older boys until I know who they are.

Talking about new friends, I met Zaida for the first time on Friday. She’s another urchin. She’s nice! We talked a bit, then Loki arrived… I haven’t been here long, but one thing I’ve noticed: Loki always knows the best places!

Case in point: he was on his way to the candy store… so we tagged along. The more the merrier! We had to take the tram to get there. It was the first time for me! I absolutely wasn’t scared at all, even though I closed my eyes a little bit. There was a tunnel, and I thought the tram would go through… Fortunately we stopped there.

I stumbled down the carriage, and lo and behold! Across the snow-covered square, stood the candy-shop. I pressed my nose against the windows, taking in the sights. Meanwhile Loki opened the door; he must have keys, or maybe he lockpicked it, I don’t know. I was too busy ooohing and aaahing at all the candy. Anyway, the three of us ran inside, and the only problem was we had so much choice! Candy sticks, candy canes, big cakes — some with real fruits on them; small cakes, bonbons… And very fancy blue chairs. I didn’t dare sitting on them because I’m starting to get a bit grubby.

I grabbed a shiny toffee apple. It was sticky! I had to wash my hands in the snow afterwards. I hid liquorice sticks into my right sleeve, and mint sticks into my left. Grandma always said mint tastes so fresh, it’s like eating snow. I then stuffed bonbons in my pockets, though some fell through the holes on my way back.

Zaida and Loki said the candy tasted very good. On leaving, Loki asked us not to tell anyone we’d been in the candy store, so I’m not telling! It’s a secret.

Zaida and I stood for a bit outside the shop while I finished my toffee apple. That’s when Zaida pointed out I wasn’t wearing any shoes. I just hadn’t realised it was so cold… But Zaida is very nice, and as she explained to me I really should be wearing shoes, I’ve dugged up the pair I was keeping in my pack in the factory. So now I’m making shoe-shaped footprints in the snow!

When I went to sleep that night, I briefly wondered who was the owner of the shop, and if he’d notice we’d been there… and if we would go back there some day.

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  1. Spalding Rookswood Spalding Rookswood December 9, 2012

    Spalding noticed some inventory gone after he closed the store up for the night. He’d have to make sure Cyan and his little friends didn’t sneak any inventory. Completely no way to run a business.

    • Wilde Tomcat Wilde Tomcat December 12, 2012

      Wilde Tomcat slid the last liquorice stick out of his sleeve. He broke it into small pieces, then shared it with his fellow street urchins. “All gone…”, he said.

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