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Second Annual Kite Festival Results

Few things raise my spirits like the sight of many kites in the air at once, and by that standard, we had a very successful kite festival today.

The objective of the Kite Flying contest is altitude.  It is a test of the flyer’s ability to find the right gusts to carry the kite as high as possible within the allotted time window.  Altitude is recorded automatically by the kite scripts and reported to a contest controller.  Here are the results of the four rounds of kite flying:

First round:
First place Tepic Harlequin
Second place Amadeus Hammerer
Third place Jimmy Branagh

Second round:
First place Amadeus Hammerer
Second place Tepic Harlequin
Third place Bela Lubezki

Third round:
First place Satu Moreau
Second place RustyBones Fearsum
Third place Zaida Gearbox

Fourth round:
First place Satu Moreau
Second place Amadeus Hammerer
Third place RustyBones Fearsum

The winner of each round was awarded an animated Butterfly Kite, specially created by the Questi and Discovolante Mechanical Consortium for this occasion.  Special mention goes to Mr. Moreau for winning two of the rounds, and to Mr. Hammerer for achieving the highest altitude of the day.

The Kite Building contest, sponsored Kiergarten Armory, was ably judged by Mr. Jasper Kiergarten, Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, and Miss Breezy Carver.  The results were:

First place Tepic Harlequin’s box kite with passenger basket
Second place Cral Denimore’s remote control hover-station
Third place Bela Lubezki’s pantaloons kite
Honorable mention Rommie Serenity’s classic Wright Flyer

Congratulations to Mr. Harlequin for the winning entry (it won in the first flying round too!) for which he was awarded a L$1200 Kiergarten Armory gift certificate.

My thanks to our sponsor, the judges, competitors and spectators.  I hope you all had as much fun as I did!

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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs October 5, 2010

    Congratulations to one and all!

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