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Script times – Post LL OS Upgrade

Script times in New Babbage have been a sore point in some of the more packed sims.  Over the past 2 weeks, and continuing on right now, the Lab is upgrading the operating system on the servers which host all regions within Second Life, and it looks like the OS upgrade has fixed a few sore points with the memory allocation and timing of scripts within regions.

Now all of the sims in New Babbage has “spare time”.

A region in SL computes all data within a fixed timeframe.  That timeframe is 22ms (milliseconds).  Each 22milliseconds the regions transmits data about textures, the avatars on the sim, the path and data of physical prims, the “end result” of all scripts and scripted objects and the end location of an avatar.  It does this every 22ms.

22ms is one “frame” and within the viewer it asks for 45 “frames” per second from the server.  Each frame of that 45 is the end result of the servers 22ms count of everything on a sim.  If a sim has OVER 22ms of server time…it lags.

Having “spare” time on the server is handy in several ways.  It means that avatars teleporting in wont impact the sim as much, it means if another shop opens on an empty plot of land their new vendors wont lag the sim.  It means that if a pub hosts an  event it has much more of a headroom for more avatars to be packed into the sim before the sim “lags” due to no more spare time on the server.

This is how all the New Babbage sims now look with spare time after the OS upgrade, and what the average spare time was before the OS upgrade…

Academy of Industry – 8.4ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade – Average of 3.4ms Spare Time

Babbage Pallisade – 12.1ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade – Average of 4.9ms Spare Time

New Babbage – 10.2ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade – Average of 4ms Spare Time

Babbage Square – 9.9ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade – Average of 2ms Spare Time

Port Babbage – 10.9ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade – Average of 1ms Spare Time

Clockhaven – 5.9ms Spare Time (clockhaven has a higher physics count than other new babbage sims)
Pre OS Upgrade – Average of 2ms Spare Time

Wheatstone Waterways – 11.1ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade – Average of 4ms Spare Time

Babbage Canals – 8.9ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade – Average of no spare time (Canals has always been script time heavy, not anymore though)

Vernian Sea – 9.8ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade – Average of 3ms Spare Time

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  1. Amber Ilsker Amber Ilsker October 22, 2011

    This is interesting, I’ve lived in several of the sims in Babbage but always had problems in Canals and Vernian Deep and the odd sim crossing fail in New Babbage. The rest were always fine.

    In Canals it was entering or leaving, the sim crossings got so bad I’d get ghosted every time and failed logoffs. In Vernian Deep all that was fine but I’d try building and prims wouldn’t respond, I’d rez a prim but nothing happened, or delete one and it would take 5 or more minutes to go or not delete at all. In the end I had to move to a different sim. You mentioned Canals was always script heavy but when I was there I couldn’t see anything in the sim to be causing much trouble, unless there are some servers there for a shop maybe. Vernian Deep is a homestead so I just assumed that was why I had terrible problems there.

    I’ve been lurking around Babbage recently and I had noticed less lag and no problems crossing sims, except with the new 3.1 Official Viewer, thats nice performance wise, but sim crossings are a nightmare in it for some reason, but not in TPV’s.

    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk October 22, 2011

      vendors are typically the biggest script time hogs, especially if you enable all the bells and whistles. vendor servers are even worse, if you have mainland keep them there! there used ot be a hippo server in vernian sea that was a killer.  port used to be a lot worse before the grid wide merchant crash that took a lot of vendors out of the sim. the biggest culprit in canals is capalini’s fine furnishings, which used to be even worse before i made her an admin so she could see for herself what i’d been grousing about (she was very contrite afterwards). this is why i don’t allow hippo version 1 vendors.

      security systems – no. No. NO.

      kasparvend is a very new system, written after the demise of apez. i highly recommend them.

      overall, this looks great!

      • Amber Ilsker Amber Ilsker October 22, 2011

        Quote …….. ” security systems – no. No. NO.”

        Another thing I’ve spotted on my wanderings , a few people have sim scanners and the odd freebie security device on thier parcels.

  2. Canolli Capalini Canolli Capalini October 22, 2011

    Yeah yeah..  I use the Titan vendors, and had previously done temp rezzing (let me tell you, furniture stores and clockworks are not exactly lightweight easy things to display), but the Titan vendors are usually very customizable.  After Tenk and I had words, and I could see what was actually happening, I was able to change the vendors to make them more.. resource easy on the sim.  Canals still never had any spare time though..  

    Looks good!

    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk October 22, 2011

      canals has the highest percentage of old builds too. i do wonder if there is an object hidden somewhere else in the sim that is the real villian.

      • Amber Ilsker Amber Ilsker October 22, 2011

        Actually , that reminds me of something I found ….. I noticed in Palisades there is a building near to Brunnel hall thats full of scripts, the prims it’s made of are stuffed full of them, around 200ish prims each with half a dozen scripts in each or so, from a build assistant. I wonder if theres one like that in Canals too.

        Edit :- I just went and looked, theres a building in canals by the same person, Beq Janus, it’s full of Skidz prim scripts too. Each prim from the build tool has 10 scripts and then another 21 items inside.


  3. Elilka Sieyes Elilka Sieyes October 22, 2011

    Great stuff. Cheers, Victor.

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