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Satchels and Bars

Blimey…. now the kittens have gone off with their mum, i thought life would get boring, mostly does during the summer, everyone off to their country houses, even me, i usually go walkabouts, but no, it’s been busier an more interesting than ever!

I were walking nowheres in particular when i heard Miss Hienrichs calling me. Seems i were passing her billet, an ain’t it a beauty! It’s got coloured glass in all the windows, an they is big, an when the light shines through there are beautiful coloured beams everywhere, really lovely it is, playing over all the books she’s got in there…. oh… yes… what she wanted me fer, yep, was getting to that…

Well, a bloke has gone missing, cept he’s been found though a bit dead like, an some other city been putting up a squawk about it saying they is going to make trouble fer us if we don’t find out who done it , course, we could tell em to go blow bubbles, but that ain’t polite so Miss Hienrichs is wanting us urchins to do some detectoring like Mr Holmes and Dr Watson. Looks like the bloke was carrying a satchel, probably with loads of secret stuff or treasure in it, and we got to look round and see if we can find it… Not gonna have anything in it, course, but yer never know, an probably it’s in some Stonky Shop, or cut down ter make a pair of boots like, but don’t do noharm ter look.

Miss Hienrichs wanted me an Gilhooly to do some sneaking round near the Bucket of Blood, cus that’s where the chap were last seen. I ain’t seen Gilhooly fer a bit, we sort of do different hours, but i’ll track im down an let im know. As i were in the area though, i had a bit of a snoop, making sure i weren’t seen, of course.

There were nothing down in the rubbish down by the doors or under the stairs by the Bucket, an i wandered round by the Freak Show, cus there are lots of nooks and cranys there. While i searched, i heard the Bucket’s door open, an Miss Maggie came by lugging a small barrel towards the open bit of ground to the East. I snuck after her, and just round the corner she went down a little ally. Down there, ter me surprise, were a bar, called the Sneaky Vole, an it were urchin sized! I were so amazed i almost got seen by Miss Maggie when she came out, but just managed to dive behind some barrels.

Once she were gone, i had a peek in…. it’s wonderful! Got loads of tables an stools, an a stove roaring away in the corner, keepin the place warm, an there were the barrel of small beer on the counter, just standing there with mugs ready to fill…. an there weren’t no cash bowl telling yer yer gotta put in ter drink…

Well, i had a quick sip, were impolite not to, i guess, seeing as it had all been provided like. The place smells of Mr, an i guess he ain’t all that bad if’n he has done this fer us all… come to that, he didn’t even give Tubby the trashing he deserved fer taking his money under false pretences like.

I gotta let the other urchins know, cus it looks nice an safe even fer the ones as drinks a bit too much sometimes an may not be able to look afer emselves proper..

Anyway, so there is lots happening, an i got things to do, jobs fer people.. yer know, Miss Hienrichs didn’t even say what she were paying fer the job, but i knows she’s a lady, and will give fair payment, too many been giving way to much ter urchins as ain’t really done the work ter deserve it, that way ain’t good fer us in the long run, we gets lazy an fat, like Tubby…

Say, has anyone noticed? The clocks been going slow, even stopping…..

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