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Rusty vs. Maggie: Round 1?

Rusty was already in ‘Cuffs before even Sky and I entered. He seemed keyed up and more fidgety than usual. As we waited for Maggie to arrive folks began to filter in, eager to witness the spectacle about to unfold. Soon Maggie arrived, stashing her assorted items and asked me to toss a coin. I obliged and it came up heads. With that we headed out into the snow.

A rather impressive little crowd gathered and the fighters squared off…
((What follows is a boiled down version of the fight. Just the announcement of the start and end, and any crowd comments that the fighters reacted to were included))

[img_assist|nid=1477|title=Rusty and Maggie Square Off|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=650|height=349]

Scottie Melnik turns to the fighers, “No killing. Otherwise, the gloves are off. May the best person win.”
Maggie Lynwood smiles, “That mean I can hit him now?”
Maggie Lynwood balls up her fists.
RustyBones Fearsum grins, cracking his knuckles. “Come get me, darlin.”
Maggie Lynwood gigges and jumps forward aiming a punch for the side of Rusty’s knee, “Here I come love.”
RustyBones Fearsum takes a sharp pivot back to let her foot swipe by and darts a hand out to try to catch her by the head.
RustyBones Fearsum: Hah, lil’ kicker, eh?
Maggie Lynwood lets her hand get caught and tries to grab hold of Rusty’s wrist, putting her weight on it to try and knock him off balance.
RustyBones Fearsum yanks her up off her feet with her own grasp on his wrist, his other hand coming up with a fist towards her jaw.
Maggie Lynwood ‘s teeth clack together as the fist connects, she makes an annoyed sound and lifts both legs up and kicks, hard, for Rusty’s stomach.
RustyBones Fearsum grunts at the blow, taking a stumbled step back. He swung her outward and around towards the manhole, trying to dislodge her grip from his arm. “Sure a tenacious grip ya got fer such a lil’ thin.”
Maggie Lynwood lets go and skids on the ice, “Lord, ya can chuch a dwarf, ya know that?” hopps from foot to foot a moment and then ducks in aiming a punch as high as she can…which would land roughly around his stomach.
RustyBones Fearsum crouches as she comes at him, letting the fist knock his cap off as he swings his own right for her charging face.
Maggie Lynwood ducks sideways at the last moment, taking the edge of the fist to her cheek, “Now that ain’t no kiss, Mr. Bones.” Brings her own fist back, since he’s on eye-level for a change, and rams it toward his nose.
Mosseveno Tenk: What do you think you are doing, nagie?!?

RustyBones Fearsum falls back on the icy street with a snort, shaking his head and getting his feet back under him to lunge at her for a tackle.
Maggie Lynwood turns at the sound of Tenk’s voice and get’s tackled, “OOF!”
Maggie Lynwood(Kobold): TIL”K TODiHEeSkrK CA
Mosseveno Tenk glowers
Mosseveno Tenk looks around for something and whisltes
RustyBones Fearsum kneels over her, swinging a fist straight down at her face this time.
RustyBones Fearsum: Ain’t good ta let distractions in, darlin.
Maggie Lynwood brings one arm up to try and guard her face and lashes out with her legs and free hand toward his groin.
RustyBones Fearsum yelps at the connect, slipping backwards off of her as he holds himself for a moment, managing to kick a boot out for her legs to try and buy him a moment.
Maggie Lynwood takes a boot to the leg and she scrambles away, putting a little distance between herself and rusty so she can regain her footing.
RustyBones Fearsum staggers back to his feet, grimacing. “Right dirty, that is, darlin.”
Maggie Lynwood pants, rubbing her hands together before balling her fists up again, “Left me no choice, Mr. Bones.”
MichaelD Mannonen: you complain about dirty fighting, your twice her size, rusty…
MichaelD Mannonen: i dont see you winning yet
RustyBones Fearsum snickers. “Too small ter get me off any other way, eh?”
RustyBones Fearsum: Shut it, Mannonen. I known someone shorter’n her that could tear ya up good as a pack a pirahnas.
Maggie Lynwood laughs and moves in close again, kicking for his knee, “Not sure, Mr Bones, maybe we could test that question out a little later, eh?”
RustyBones Fearsum swings his armored boot to connect with her oncoming kick and takes an intentional sideways skid towards her on the icy road, bringing his elbow down at her head.
Maggie Lynwood ‘s feet go out from under her as the boot connects with her leg, making a pained noise as the elbow glances off the top of her head and lays, seemingly stunned for a moment

RustyBones Fearsum grins, taking half a step back. “Ain’t gonna fall fer no trick now, darlin. So if yer playin possum, yer jus’ gonna have ta lay there in the snow.”
Maggie Lynwood laughs, “Awer, yer no fun Mr. Bones!”
RustyBones Fearsum cackles. “Nah, I’m fun ‘nough, I ain’t no fool though.”
Maggie Lynwood hops back to her feet with a barely noticable waver, wiping a bit of blood from her forehead, “Couldn’t ya have taken’ th’ cheap kick like a good boy, eh?”
RustyBones Fearsum: Now what’d be the fun in that?
Maggie Lynwood: Thaartor, go straight down this road, turn right before the pier, cobblestone house will be on your left when you reach the canal
Maggie Lynwood keeps her distance from Rusty and starts to circle around him, waiting for him to make a move.
Sky Netizen looks to Rusty and Maggie, “How’re you two feeling?”
RustyBones Fearsum turns to watch her circle, grinning before taking a blindingly quick dash after her, swinging his left for her cheek for a change.
Maggie Lynwood giggles and dodges a little too nimbly and hops up, bringing her elbow toward the back of his head.
RustyBones Fearsum grits his teeth at the blow, skidding on the ice again, taking a moment to catch his footing as he whirled right with a swing once more.
RustyBones Fearsum: Feelin just fine, Sky!
Maggie Lynwood catches the blow against her shoulder with a grunt, moving in close to aim an elbow at his stomach, trying to get behind him
RustyBones Fearsum hunches at the second blow to his gut, reaching out to grab her skirts.
Maggie Lynwood starts to go off-balance as her skirts get grabbed, reaches out and grabs hold of his belt, pulling in close to try and break his height advantage, drives a fist straight up at his chin.

RustyBones Fearsum grunts at the sound of a crack in his mouth, letting go with a half dizzy stumble backwards, working his jaw.
Maggie Lynwood takes advantage of his stumble to push into him, trying to knock him on his back.
RustyBones Fearsum drops back on the icy street, spitting a yellowed tooth out onto the cobbles.
Maggie Lynwood pounces on rusty and scoops up the tooth and cocks a fist back, waiting to see if he’s going to try to get back up.
RustyBones Fearsum shuts his eyes tight, propping himself up on his arm with a shake of his head before opening them again a little crossed.
Scottie Melnik clears his throat with a grin, “Um, Rusty, Do you give?”
RustyBones Fearsum: Hunh… blasted…!
RustyBones Fearsum: Consider that yer kiss, darlin.
RustyBones Fearsum: Yeah, I think I give.
RustyBones Fearsum wipes a hand over his face.
Maggie Lynwood chuckles and leans in close and gives rusty a quick kiss on the lips, “A fine fight.”
Scottie Melnik nods, yelling out, “And we have a winner! Miss Maggie!”

[img_assist|nid=1478|title=Rusty Falls Before The Mighty Maggie!|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=650|height=387]

And as the fighters iced down their wounds with snow we ducked back inside for warmth and rounds on the house. Maggie and Rusty were more than civil with each other and already seemed to be considering another round. Or two…

((Thank you to Maggie Lynwood and Rusty Bones for an outstanding first fight at ‘Cuffs!))

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