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Rowan’s Rebirth


       Adem Stonesoul eyed the set up skeptically. “I always imagined it a little different looking…” he murmured, thoughtfully. Beside him, Rowan Xenga nodded, her eyes wide.

       Stormy Stillwater raised an eyebrow, looking at them both. “Oh? how so, exactly?”

      Adem chuckled. “Like… two long things that one is laid in the other the body with large tesla coils and so on… I think I read too many books.” He chuckled once more then looked to Rowan “Are you ready for this?”

       Stormy snorted. “Science fiction, I assure you… Now lets get ready. Rowan, Please come with me so I can hook you up to this..…”


       Rowan took Adem’s hand, squeezing tightly, and nods silently., moving to follow with out letting go of Adem.

Adem smiled softly then lifted her hand, giving it a gentle kiss as Stormy spoke again. 

       “I’m going to have to shut you down and remove your memory cylinder.. It had your soul bound to it. Please don’t be scared it won’t be but a split second for you…”

    Rowan nodded slowly, as Adem leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. “See you soon, love,” he murmured to her.


 Stormy watched them for a moment, then offered, “Adem… if you would like, you may be the one to shut Rowan down…”

    Adem nodded, looking at Rowan the whole while. “Okay… how do I do it?”

    “Just… remove her key, that’s all,” Stormy replied.

    Adem nodded softly, then moved around behind the clockwork girl, giving a soft sigh as he pulled hte key from her back, looking at it for a long moment before tucking it into his belt for safekeeping.

    As her key was removed, Rowan let out a a tiny gasp as she went limp, seeming nearly lifeless without the key to power her gears.

    Stormy walked over and began working on her, first removing her bonnet, sighing softly as he pulled a small screwdriver from his pocket and started to remove the top of Rowan’s head. “Such a pretty doll too… some of my finest work, really.”

    Adem frowned at the sight and suddenly stepped away to look at the large tube, hiding his face. “Yes she is… I know she had been wishing this for a while…. I’m glad to finally accept it and allow her to do so…”

    Stormy removed the plate on the back of her head, and started removing parts holding her memory cylinder in. He sighed, looking to Adem for a moment. “It’s difficult to see her like this… I know… you both must be brave,” he said before giving an excited “AH ha!” as he uncovers her soul bound memory cylinder.


    Adem nodded a bit, sighing. “There will be many things she will be going through as she relearns what it’s like to live again… I’ll be with her with every step, as I had promised when I took ownership of her.”

    Stormy noded. “Well, you can’t really own her anymore… but I think you get my meaning.” He smiled, trying to reassure Adem as he unscrews four small screws with arcane etchings on them, just before popping the memory cylinder free from Rowan’s now husk of a body.

    Adem smiled and shook his head, moving over to Rowan and gently taking her ring from her finger “No…. She’s my fiancee now… and soon my wife.”

    As he popped the cylinder free, Rowan’s body seemed to go completley dead, a spark of energy arched off her body and then nothing. After several moments, her body fell back and hit the floor before shattering into ash, as if her body were a burned cigar.

    Adem took a step back as he watched the body seem to dissapear before their eyes. Taking in a breath, knowing that she was safe and sound, he looked over to the chamber which held her new body and murmured “I hope everything goes well now.”


    Stormy nodded and held the memory core in his hands. “Me too…” He sighed and walked to the back of the machine, where he opened a small chamber and slid the core in, like a key into a lock.

    Adem looked over to Stormy, not finding his words very reassuring, as  it gave a hint of risk. He sighed heavily, looking down to the ring in his hand.


    Stormy nodded, turning a few nobs as the machine spooled to life, energy arching off the end of the device and into the tube, the new body reacting to the stimuli, though not complete yet.

    Adem wet his lips as he watched the machine. Looking up a the energy sparks above them, he shifted his stance a bit impatiently,  worryingly, and looked to Stormy. “Thank you for doing this for us… For her…”


    Stormy nodded and walked over to place his hand against the glass. “Shushhhh,” he said as he closed his eyes and whispered under his breath, speaking in his native language “Dehooffa Confi Echrassa Echrassa… Ukuk~ffeechuvo Uuriigo Yeeni Kataba kataba, Seno, musala Selaimph!” he continued as the body within reacted to the energy and his spell.

    Rowan didn’t react for a long, near agonizing moment, but then let out a sharp gasp, followed by a coughing fit as her lungs protested the sudden inflation, much as a newborn’s would. Her new eyes snapped open, and she gasped again, almost panicking.

    Adem drew in a breath as he heard her in the chamber, and his hand closed a bit tighter around the ring as the other lifted to press against the glass.

    Stormy nodded again. “Not just yet,” he said as he closed his eyes and muttered something almost unhearable in another language. As he whispered, his hand became near-transparent, phasing through the glass and into the tube, and against Rowan’s forhead. His fingers marked an arcane symbol upon her forhead his hand, then moved to take Rowan’s hand in his, to pull her slowly free, the glass seeming almost  as if it were not there.

    Rowan dropped to the ground, gasping, as soon as her feet touched the wooden floor, and her gaze, still a little panicky, moved to Adem. She coughed again, hard, the air seeming so harsh…

    Adem smiled as she took in her breaths, gently pulling her over to him, smiling all the more as he feels true flesh under his grasp and holds her to him as he chuckles lightly from relief and bliss as he gently rubs her back “Its okay, my dear Rowan”


    Stormy quickly rushed over to the back of the device to shut it down, pulling the dead cilinder free and nodded. “Ah. one hundred precent!” he exclamed.

    Rowan blinked, lips parting slightly with each breath, curling up in his lap for several wordless moments. “Adem,” she finally whispered faintly, gazing up at him for a longer moment before smiling sweetly, her eyes sparkling as she watched Stormy walk across the room. “Thank you… both…”

    Adem smiled warmly as he gazed down into her eyes, still caressing her back softly, and giving her lips a bit of a wipe before leaning in and softly kissing her. “Always, love.” He then looked up to Stormy “So, everything is there then?”

    Stormy walked back over to them and nodded as he held out the dead memory core. “I think you may want to keep this…” he said as he looked over the new Rowan. “You are welcome.” He smiled, content with the work.














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  1. Rowan Xenga Rowan Xenga January 21, 2011

    I LOVE you, Adem! And it’s really sweet you recorded it all! 

  2. Rowan Xenga Rowan Xenga January 21, 2011

    ((It double posted for no reason XD))

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