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Rough times

Again I find myself writing in this journal but things are not so good, seems the food and drink stock at the vole is getting slim… I found a strange mask today, and been hearing rumors of things going on, everyone knows I am a hub for spreading the word on things, or at least leave a note in the pantry shelf… but ya, I can see some of the urchins are getting thin… I have to keep watering down the gruel and I do not think the watered down supply of vole stew is helping either. I am hoping Tepic does not get upset… I am trying my hardest to keep supplies coming in but something changed… supplies all but stopped I can’t help but think part of this is my doing… no… it can’t be its summer and I do my job.. but… 

No I got to be strong I am truste to care for the vole we will make it.. but with how things are going… bad things… there going to happen… the cards even say it

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