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Robot wars!

As dusk settles in.. Automatas clashes on the streets


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  1. Snowfang Snowfang January 30, 2013

    not sure who we should be rooting for

  2. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk January 30, 2013

    i hope someone got ‘the book’ out of ‘cuffs!

  3. Nymlet Nymlet January 30, 2013

    one should alway root for the little guy.

    Especially when its trailing steam and smoke and belching out fire…

    • Snowfang Snowfang January 30, 2013

      and the fact we see the lil guy everywhere

    • Mack Blackwell Mack Blackwell January 30, 2013

      Not when it provokes decent citizenry to flee off into unsanitary waters one shouldn’t.
      Five bucks on the big guy!

      • Nymlet Nymlet January 31, 2013

        Well, you won that bet.  The small one was virtually smashed.

  4. Chess Clowes Chess Clowes February 2, 2013

    But the big once has a lance! A lance! How knightly!

    • Nymlet Nymlet February 2, 2013


      Im building a bigger one… and meaner…

      • Snowfang Snowfang February 2, 2013

        uh oh…that can’t be a good thing

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