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RFL Preliminary Meeting

Well, I shall give this a shot.  We’ll meet at City Hall.


This meeting will mostly be for getting ideas together for
fundraising, since that’s what I’m in charge of.  (Though we could also
certainly cover the building aspect, if people are interested in that. 
Just don’t expect much useful from me. *wry grin*)  I’m thinking about
things like:

1) June auctions.  We’ve had build/item auctions in the past.  We can
go over examples of what’s been done before, and see if people are
interested in donating such for another.  Also, at the June ball, we’ll
auction off people and their building/texturing/other talents.  We’ll
need volunteers for this, and/or ideas about who to approach.

2) Convio fundraising.  We can tie in real-life fundraising to our
team fundraising through Convio, and have friends and family donate.  We
need volunteers to help with this!  You can either join as an
individual yourself, and have folks donate to your page (which can be
tied to our team results), or donate directly to our team page.  We can go over more of the details at the meeting.

3) Teams-R-Us.  This year, the RFL of SL folks are putting together
several events that are meant for all teams to participate in, if they
want.  One of them, a Mardi Gras weekend, happened earlier this month .  (I thought about bringing this up earlier,
but it was too close to Oiling Festival, so I rather doubted we could
pull anything together in time.)  There are other events coming in the next few months–would we want to participate in any of them?

4) Other fundraising ideas?

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