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RFL Land Auction – 1pm

On Saturday April 23, at 1pm, the Mayor will be auctioning off  land in his possession in Wheatstone Waterways. One month of tier will be included in the sale. All proceeds will go to RFL.

Building is expected. Theme compliance will be enforced.


Lot #10 Kiergarten Textiles A. 230 prims. canal acess on 3 sides.

Lot #11 Kiergarten Textiles B. 230 prims. canal access on opposite sides.

#16 Gatto Gelato. 351 prims. Corner lot on canal access.

#20 Galleria del Gatto A. 292 prims. Canal access.

#21 Galleria del Gatto B. 234 prims. Canal access.

#25 Militia HQ. 278 prims. Canal access, partially blocked by bridge. Bridge rail can be removed for upper building entrance.

#26 Wiggyfish Cannery. 234 prims. Canal access with wharf, room for boat.


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