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RFL Build Team: Important updates

*  We will no longer be attempting to get a full sim.  We are looking for a 1/4th plot

* Due to the smaller size we are thinking along the lines of a tower where the interior (and possibly exterior) reflects different eras which will lead up to steampunk and the arena with the slug. 

* Yes, we still plan to slay a giant slug at the top of the tower.

* The salt cannon works. 

* We still want scriptors, but will manage if none come forward.

* Next RFL meeting is on Saturday at 4 PM.  We are still at the point where ideas, opinions, and criticisms are welcome and wanted.

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  1. Super Suz Super Suz June 19, 2013

    Who will be the first to slay the squishy, giant slug at the top of the tower? I don’t think it should be easy. What scriptor out there wants to take on the challenge to make it a challenge? Only commit what time you are willing to give. And if you do, you’ll give us a little competitive fun! Sign up to help today and you’ll help us raise money for a good cause- to raise money for to fight cancer. Your skills and a bit of work will double the action-packing fun of salting a slug. Friends will invite friends to come over and play with them. The more people playing, the more chance of fundraising. Scriptors, please sign up to help make this a really fun RFL event. We also need a really good “squishy” sound.

  2. Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery June 19, 2013

    It is good to see enthusiasm from the population of New Babbage.  If anyone has questions about the campsite build please do ask any of the build team, currently:  Beryl Strifeclaw, Dee Wells, Gabrielle Anatra, Garnet Psaltery, Gnaeus Constantine, Momoe Moneypenny, Tepic Harlequin, Zaros Xue.

      • Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery June 21, 2013

        I have perhaps been neglectful in not introducing the team to everyone. 

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