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RFL Build Meeting: We need more scripters

Because Zaros insisted, a new thread for the summary from today’s meeting:

* Zaros began applying to get a full-sim AND a campsite, which is the only way to get a full sim. This should reduce sim lag for the ride.

* If we are approved we shall be breaking the sim into era’s, or zone’s, which will include older technologies and ending with steam-punk.  There shall be four big zones and one ‘arena’ area for the slug.

* Unused areas will either be filled with Low land impact items or we may use the sim in a similar way that Fantasy Faire used the Caves except we will use Sewers and mine shaft rides to get between the areas.  The road will continue through the sim as always and unhindered, though it will be like going through a sewer or mine tunnel with carts ready to take you to the rest of the build.

* Each zone will be needed to gather the necessary items to defeat the slug, one of which will be a Da Vinci diagram.  Constructing the tool will not use an HUD but a similar process that is used when using 7seas fishing blueprints to create the item.

* Zaros will be placing a builders platform in the Fells soon

* Garnet created our Builders group and can offer invites.

* Another meeting at 2pm on Wed, where hopefully we will learn if we have been approved for a full sim and can get started.

* We are still looking for more scripters at present, who will not be too busy to make this possible.

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