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RFL Build Meeting Minutes and Bullet Points

Bullet points from the Wed. RFL Build team meeting:

  * The theme is 100 years of hope.  Established that we wish to create a progression of industry within the build.  Could involve multiple floors, rooms, or other methods not yet discussed.

  * Established that while we don’t know our current plot size on the RFL track that we would like to request a fourth, half a sim, or even more.

  * At present, and subject to change, there may either be a ride and/or a storyline that will involve giant slugs in this build.  (Even if the Mayor had been kidding)  There will be a sewer which will lead them on to the build or adventure.

  * Established that another meeting would occur this Saturday at 2 PM SLT.  Contact Zaros Xue (or Beryl Strifeclaw if she is not online as she will be busy RL often) if you cannot make the meetings but wish to participate.



[18:00] Zaros Xue: One minute, we’ll wait till Garnet arrives though.

[18:00] Dee Wells: ;)

[18:00] Zaros Xue: I’ll post the information up and we’ll have a follow up meeting at a more lively time, I’m still waiting on the plot size from Vic.

[18:00] Zaros Xue: I’d assume it’s around 64x64ish… not sure though.

[18:00] Beryl Strifeclaw: Plot size? We might not know that for a few weeks.  And wrong.

[18:01] Zaros Xue: Yeah, which is a bit of a pain.

[18:01] Beryl Strifeclaw: Try an 1/8th to a 1/4th of a sim

[18:01] Dee Wells: WOw

[18:01] Beryl Strifeclaw: 1/8th min.  We usually get 1/4th

[18:01] Zaros Xue: Ohhh! Yeah sorry, I was thinking of the other boothes, I was going to complain a bit that it wasn’t big enough. xD

[18:01] Beryl Strifeclaw: But we are a smaller team this year

[18:01]Zaros Xue: 1/4 is good.

[18:01] Momoe: Thats a lot

[18:01] Dee Wells: Yes ;)

[18:01] Momoe: Most excitin.  

[18:03] Zaros Xue: Mesh is pretty primmy at bigger sizes too, so if we have only 1.75k then it could be an issue.

[18:03] Garnet Psaltery: Hello all

[18:04] Beryl Strifeclaw: This early on getting the ideas and people together is the goal since that’s about all you can do.

[18:04] Zaros Xue: Yeah, this is sort of pre-pre-meeting almost. xD

[18:04] Momoe: We’re going to have a meeting about having a meeting so we can have a meeting to meet?

[18:04] Zaros Xue: Righto, not anyone else I know of on the way but I’ll post a summary on the BAR then hold another meeting.

[18:04] Beryl Strifeclaw: YES

[18:04] Zaros Xue: Exactly Momoe! xD

[18:04] Garnet Psaltery: Glad to see there are some actual builders here *grins*

[18:05] Momoe:

[18:05] Beryl Strifeclaw: We’re still better off than those guys who need the paper work to save their own mothers from monster.  Hitchikers guide Vorlons I think

[18:06] Kealani Jupiter: Vogons, and grandmothers :)

[18:06] Zaros Xue: So, we’ll have another group meeting either next week or the week after with a larger gathering, the theme is 100 years of hope, so we need to come up with a way to translate that into Steampunk, I was thinking a progression of industry perhaps, does anyone else have any ideas?

[18:06] Beryl Strifeclaw: I confess I only saw the movies

[18:07] Dee Wells: Hmm, that sounds like a good start

[18:07] Garnet Psaltery: Like a progression of discoveries, or technology – that sort of thing?

[18:07] Momoe: Yeah something about industry

[18:07] Zaros Xue: Yeah, a kind of living snapshot almost, like looking at pictures of stuff from medieval industry right up to victorian then maybe some out there sci-fi steampunk inventions.

[18:07] Beryl Strifeclaw: That seems like a good idea, I almost wish we could as part of it combine elements from previous Babbage Builds then

[18:07] MomoeMomoe is thinking Tesla

[18:08] Garnet Psaltery: I hosted a RFL dance early in the season where we had a display of aircraft through the ages

[18:08] Beryl Strifeclaw: For the record some of our biggest RFL builders are Amadeus Hammerer and Obscura Benoir last year, but they are on German time.

[18:08] Garnet Psaltery: So – things with steam engines?

[18:09] Momoe: Yes, and how they helped empower our lives to make bigger and greater and more steamy things

[18:09] Beryl Strifeclaw: So yes, we do need an earlier meeting, and possibly on a saturday

[18:09] Zaros Xue: Through the ages does seem to fit in well with the occasion, we could do lots of things from steam engines to tesla-powered carts.

[18:09] Garnet Psaltery: Can the engines pass something to each other?  Be combined somehow?

[18:09] Zaros Xue: Oh certainly.

[18:09] Dee Wells: Ah, I like that, Zaros

[18:09] Kealani Jupiter: What jumps to my mind is ways to visually show the development of ways of measuring time.. so start with a sun-dial, maybe cog-shaped, to grandfather clocks, to pocketwatches or something

[18:09] Beryl Strifeclaw: We’ve been fighting cancer since Greek times.  So there’s plenty of ways to start this process

[18:10] Zaros Xue: I was thinking we could even have the primitive technology theme moves and pass things to more advanced and such until we end up with a finished product.

[18:10] Momoe: Hmm yes the new technology that’s come over the centuries

[18:10] Garnet Psaltery: Kealani – did you see pictures of last year’s build?

[18:10] Kealani Jupiter: Not sure that I did…

[18:10] Zaros Xue: Yeah, time was very much last years theme, we shouldn’t go too overboard on it.

[18:10] Beryl Strifeclaw: Perhaps this can be done in floors then?

[18:10] Kealani JupiterKealani Jupiter nods

[18:10] Zaros Xue: Floors would be an interesting idea.

[18:11] Garnet Psaltery: There was an emphasis on time last year so we might not want to do quite the same this year

[18:11] Beryl Strifeclaw: Clocks are out…the Mayor will not like that.

[18:11] Zaros Xue: However I’d be worried about prim-count, unless we can cleverly use some prims in places then we would end up racking a lot of LI up with big meshes.  But small to medium stuff should be fine LI wise.  The main issue we have is a lot of users don’t have their LOD slider turned up to max, so we can’t skip the lower LODs, but this we will have to look into when we get the size and prim-count.

[18:12] Momoe: I’ve gotten better at shaving prim count for lower LOD

[18:12] Beryl Strifeclaw: It depends on the size of the object

[18:12] Dee Wells: Lots of trips to th beta grid to test stuff

[18:12] Garnet Psaltery: Yes, I’d worry more about getting the theme right before thinking too much about LI

[18:13] Momoe nods

[18:13] Beryl Strifeclaw: If something is over 20 feet it’s usually safe to leave off Lowest as 0

[18:13] Zaros Xue: So is everyone happy with the progression of technology idea?

[18:13] Beryl Strifeclaw nods. “I like it.”

[18:13] Momoe: Sure

[18:13] Dee Wells: That sounds excellent, Zaros :)

[18:13] Momoe: I’ve got some things

[18:13] Garnet Psaltery: I think it’s ver suitable

[18:13] Kealani JupiterKealani Jupiter nods

[18:13] Zaros Xue: Wonderful! And if you’ve got something to add go right ahead.

[18:13] Garnet Psaltery: Incorporate a ride or something fun

[18:14] Dee Wells: Ohh, yes :)

[18:14] Garnet Psaltery: and a present or two

[18:14] Zaros Xue: Oh yeah, something fun like a ride would steal the show! And with a mix of puppeteer and good scripting shouldn’t be too hard.

[18:14] Beryl Strifeclaw: Just no it’s a small world songs

[18:14] Garnet Psaltery: hehe

[18:14] Dee Wells: Hehehe

[18:15] Beryl Strifeclaw: I know that there was a ride last year but it wasn’t informative, and yet still was a hit

[18:15] Garnet Psaltery: People like something interactive

[18:15] Zaros Xue: Yes, I was about to bring this up, a lot of the RFL funding comes from events but also RFL objects, I was thinking we could set a kiosk up somewhere in Babbage and allow residents and visitors to buy items, the funds going right to RFL, we could also put it down in front of our build.

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  1. Beryl Strifeclaw Beryl Strifeclaw May 30, 2013

    [18:16] Beryl StrifeclawBeryl Strifeclaw now imagines an ever winding rail trolley going up a round plaza near the back of this acheivment

    [18:16] Garnet Psaltery: Vendors are a great way to raise funds

    [18:16] Beryl Strifeclaw: Yes, the Vendors though is going to be taken care of by the fund raising team, so I think the Mayor has that

    [18:17] Garnet Psaltery: You won’t be able to link a kiosk directly to buying somethng

    [18:17] Beryl Strifeclaw: Still it means building the object to be sold in vendors

    [18:17] Garnet Psaltery: YOu can have one for donations, say, for using the ride

    [18:18] Zaros Xue: Indeed, I think we should work on it mid-way through the building of the area, so if you finish a part of the ride and want to do something else for a little while, make an object then back to the ride if you’ve got more to do, should balance the workload and make it not too over-bearing.  But if need be then we can leave objects till after the build and no-one needs to do them if they don’t want to. :3

    [18:19] Beryl Strifeclaw: Hmmm, I already have the RFL mines

    [18:19] Dee Wells: ;)

    [18:19] Beryl Strifeclaw: I don’t think Avariel will mind if I use them in both groups

    [18:19] Momoe: Hmm

    [18:19] Beryl Strifeclaw: As in 100 percent sure

    [18:19] Zaros Xue: And definatly Garnet, donations for the ride would be great, we could include a nice little event area too, a stage in the middle of the ride to host events then put a few donation boxes and vendors around it.

    [18:20] Garnet PsalteryGarnet Psaltery nods

    [18:20] Zaros Xue: I sense a Tenk!  ‘Lo Mr. Mayor.

    [18:20] Garnet Psaltery: Hello Clockwinder

    [18:20] Beryl Strifeclaw: Hello Clockwinder.

    [18:20] Mosseveno Tenk: carry on smartly!

    [18:20] Momoe: I’m just throwing this out but it would be good to build things that can help empower people to build their own steampunk stuff too

    [18:20] Dee WellsDee Wells waves to Mr Tenk :)

    [18:20] Mosseveno Tenk: oh no, you did NOT use the e word.  Mosseveno Tenk grins

    [18:21] Dee Wells: Elderberry? No

    [18:21] MomoeMomoe dropped an e bomb?

    [18:21] Beryl Strifeclaw: Empower

    [18:21] Mosseveno Tenk: only victims need empowerment

    [18:21] Zaros Xue: We certainly should, and if we can get more Babbage residents to build for the team that would be fantastic.

    [18:21] Zaros Xue: But yeah, not empowerment, perhaps inspiration. xD

    [18:21] Garnet Psaltery: Maybe a brief resume of ideas for Tenk?

    [18:21] Momoe: oic (ᴖ_ᴖ;)

    [18:21] Zaros Xue: Certainly!

    [18:22] Mosseveno Tenk: whatchat got?

    [18:22] Zaros Xue: We have decided to fit the theme of 100 years to advancement and progression of technology, we don’t know the exact size of the plot yet but we will build what we have in mind to fit.

    [18:22] Mosseveno Tenk: groovy

    [18:23] Zaros Xue: We’re going to go with a ride of some kind that features an event and store area, as well as various strategically placed donation boxes.

    [18:23] Garnet Psaltery: I imagine it’ll be th esame size as last year

    [18:23] Zaros Xue: It probably will be but I do want to play it safe, Vic’s said he’ll let me know the second he finds out.

    [18:23] Mosseveno Tenk: i like corner lots.

    [18:23] Beryl Strifeclaw: An interactive or at least informative ride like that train from the Aether Chrononauts from the sound of it

    [18:24] Garnet Psaltery: with a sewer

    [18:24] Zaros Xue: A corner lot would make it much easier for what we have in mind, if we don’t get one I’ll pester them.

    [18:24] Beryl Strifeclaw: Well, not like it as it was just a ride.

    [18:24] Garnet Psaltery: a ride through a sewer.  hehe

    [18:24] Mosseveno Tenk: vic might be on the track layout team. let him know

    [18:24] Garnet Psaltery: well it can go up and down

    [18:25] Mosseveno Tenk: great! i expect to see a giant slug. that will be what we keep this year.  carry on!

    [18:25] Zaros Xue: Let him know. x3

    [18:25] Garnet Psaltery: and if we place our thng on a platform we can have an ‘underground’ section

    [18:25] Dee Wells: ;)

    [18:25] Garnet Psaltery: giant slug?

    [18:25] Zaros Xue: A platform might work well… giant slugs can’t be too hard either. xD

    [18:25] Beryl Strifeclaw: You did say sewers Garnet

    [18:25] Garnet Psaltery: Hello Ethan

    [18:25] Garnet Psaltery: I did

    [18:25] Beryl Strifeclaw: So you kind of asked for it

    [18:26] Dee Wells: Elevating the build would be an excuse to build stairs, too ;)

    [18:26] Ethan Paul III: Hello Miss :)

    [18:26] Garnet Psaltery: I thought there were rats n sewers

    [18:26] Mosseveno Tenk: or a large foundation entrance. so you have to go through teh sewers to get to the build.  platforms get missed.

    [18:26] Garnet Psaltery: nice

    [18:26] Dee Wells: Ah, yes

    [18:26] Zaros Xue: I think we’ll have to guide them through it very specifically, if we have levels that they are guided along

    [18:26] Garnet Psaltery: you really want a slug, Tenk?

    [18:27] Mosseveno Tenk: its for thomas.  he’s so hungry.

    [18:27] Garnet Psaltery: ooh[18:27] Dee Wells: Hehe[18:27] Ethan Paul III: O.o[18:27] Momoe: >..[18:27] Momoe: >.>[18:27] Beryl Strifeclaw: Ohhh

    [18:27] Garnet Psaltery: Nice build – Morlocks and slugs :D

    [18:28] Mosseveno Tenk: every story that has lovecraftian tie ins eventually have a giant slug

    [18:28] Garnet Psaltery: Well we are gritty here :D

    [18:28] Mosseveno Tenk: where is our giant slug?  We are sadly remiss.

    [18:28] Beryl Strifeclaw: …they do?

    [18:28] Mosseveno Tenk: yes. they do.

    [18:28] Garnet Psaltery: Whatever you wish, Clockwinder

    [18:28] Mosseveno Tenk: didn’t you read conan?

    [18:28] Beryl StrifeclawBeryl Strifeclaw has never read lovecraft

    [18:28] Mosseveno Tenk: its not all that worth reading… but it did spawn a lot of fantasy staples.

    [18:29] Ethan Paul III: Conan all 40 plus books in the series?

    [18:29] Beryl Strifeclaw: I see.

    [18:29] Garnet Psaltery: Never did get the fascination with Chthulhu

    [18:29] Mosseveno Tenk: its overdone.

    [18:29] Zaros Xue: Well if we had insane scripting and a lot of time we could make an interactive slug that you have to escape from in the sewers.  That’d force ’em to do the ride.

    [18:29] Garnet PsalteryGarnet Psaltery laughs.  It would be memorable!

    [18:30] Beryl Strifeclaw: This is RFL, the scripts will be lag worthy as is! Just as a fair warning.  *Chuckles

    [18:30] Mosseveno Tenk: and the giant slug has acid mucus that burns when you touch. that’s always part of the story.

    [18:30] Garnet Psaltery: Yay – some builds have pretty things – fairies and unicorns and flowers. We have a slug

    [18:30] Dee Wells: An acid leaking slug, at that

    [18:31] Garnet Psaltery: yup

    [18:31] Dee Wells: Ick

    [18:31] Zaros Xue: We can have tiny slugs with wings, a slug with a horn and a slug that thinks it’s a flower.

    [18:31] Beryl Strifeclaw: Kill it with Base Salt

    [18:31] Mosseveno Tenk: that spits icy death from its eye stalks

    [18:31] Beryl Strifeclaw: Very very Base Salt

    [18:31] Garnet Psaltery: Do I get the impression you don’t like RFL, Tenk?

    [18:31] Mosseveno Tenk: right, i will go somewhere else and quit interupting you!

    [18:31] Ethan Paul III: OH my I get that when I get my tax bill

    [18:31] Dee Wells: XD[18:31] Garnet Psaltery: hehe[18:31] Beryl StrifeclawBeryl Strifeclaw chuckles

    [18:31] Zaros Xue: We shall see you next time, Slugwinder.

    [18:31] Mosseveno Tenk: nah, i’m full of polyurethane fumes. its makeing me punchy

    [18:31] Dee Wells: Oh my

    [18:32] Garnet Psaltery: Oh are you downstairs yet?

    [18:32] Zaros Xue: So, looks like we need a giant slug somewhere. xD

    [18:32] Garnet Psaltery: too late

    [18:32] Beryl Strifeclaw: The sewers

    [18:32] Mosseveno Tenk: i can go downstairs in the morning and get back to work

    [18:32] Zaros Xue: Definatly the sewers.

    [18:32] Garnet Psaltery: are you downstairs yet

    [18:32] Beryl Strifeclaw: It should be relatively easy

    [18:32] Mosseveno Tenk: no

    [18:33] Mosseveno Tenk: i had a kid chase down the ice cream truck and toss it up to me

    [18:33] Garnet Psaltery: yay!

    [18:33] Beryl Strifeclaw: Scripting the slug though and the mesh of it….

    [18:33] Garnet Psaltery: a whole truck

    [18:33] Mosseveno Tenk: strong kid

    [18:33] Beryl Strifeclaw: Does anyone know how Loki managed that?

    [18:33] Garnet PsalteryGarnet Psaltery approves

    [18:33] Beryl Strifeclaw: With the rats?

    [18:33] Garnet Psaltery: No idea how Loki did it

    [18:33] Zaros Xue: I may not have the time to mesh out an organic like a slug, let alone a moving one. But I could handle a few builds here and there, it depends if time frees up or not, I’m sure we can throw one together though.

    [18:34] Beryl Strifeclaw: I think Momoe took the monster course…The make a monster Loki course in mesh

    [18:34] Momoe: Oh yes, intro to Blender.

    [18:35] Beryl Strifeclaw: But not the animate said mesh part

    [18:35] Momoe: no it doesn’t cover animations

    [18:35] Garnet Psaltery: You only need a head that pops up every now and then from different corners

    [18:35] Beryl Strifeclaw: Ohhh, good point

    [18:35] Zaros Xue: Animating is a bit of a nightmare at the moment anyway, really wish we had object animations. xD

    [18:35] Beryl Strifeclaw: And you can handle that with an invis head switching back and forth

    [18:35] Garnet Psaltery: I think a head would be funny

    [18:35] Dee Wells: A nice disgusting slithering sound

    [18:35] Zaros Xue: But a multi-part thing could work, especially with alpha.

    [18:36] Garnet Psaltery: Surprise!  with a hat on

    [18:36] Beryl Strifeclaw: I know this mesh tail moves because there’s 31 tails attached going in a row. Becoming invisible then visible

    [18:36] Garnet Psaltery: nice trick.  Wasn’t that used last year for the winding mechanism?

    [18:37] Beryl Strifeclaw: No.  Those were actual prims

    [18:37] Garnet Psaltery: oh right

    [18:37] Beryl Strifeclaw: Well scripted

    [18:38] Zaros Xue: It’s much less time consuming than making multiple parts move individually, so if we go for an alpha-switching-giant-unicorn-fairy-plant-slug then we should be good.

    [18:38] Beryl Strifeclaw: But Nathaniel used the same trick for his Zamboni wheels.  I vote for the alpha switching vote we just did

    [18:38] Garnet Psaltery: me three

    [18:38] Beryl Strifeclaw: I mean, if we are seriously going with the giant slug

    [18:38] Ethan Paul III: it saner method

    [18:39] MomoeMomoe 2nds since you can make a nice animation w/o only 5 frames

    [18:39] Ethan Paul III: yea

    [18:39] Zaros Xue: I don’t think we can’t not have it… Tenk would have our heads.

    [18:39] Beryl Strifeclaw: I say that if we have a giant slug though we might need to justify it

    [18:39] Garnet Psaltery: I presume Tenk was serious

    [18:39] Beryl Strifeclaw: He might not have been

    [18:39] Garnet Psaltery: Doesn;t have to be a major part of the build though

    [18:39] Beryl Strifeclaw: But does it really matter?

    [18:39] Zaros Xue: Either way, we can throw it in anyway.

    [18:40] Ethan Paul III: watch it he may send you out to fetch another ice cream truck if you dont

    [18:40] Beryl Strifeclaw: Call it a cancer slug and we’ll be good.

    [18:40] Garnet Psaltery: heh

    [18:40] Zaros Xue: I’m sure it won’t be too hard to manage.

    [18:40] Momoe: Cancer slug traveling through the veins of our city

    [18:40] Beryl Strifeclaw: Or we don’t even call it a cancer slug and let them make the jump in their own minds with what we write

    [18:40] Dee Wells: There we go, the slug represents cancer, like Spinrad’s Carcinoma Angels

    [18:40] MomoeMomoe mumbles: “As if the water wasn’t bad enough”

    [18:40] Beryl Strifeclaw: Yay!

    [18:41] Garnet Psaltery: Clug the Cancer Slug

    [18:41] Beryl Strifeclaw: Last year I got my head chewed off for the first meeting and saying the word ‘symbolism’.  But still, symbolism.

    [18:41] Zaros Xue: SYMBOLISM?!

    [18:41] Beryl Strifeclaw: And we were flat out going to do it anyways

    [18:41] Zaros Xue: HOW DARE YOU! D:<

    [18:41] Dee Wells: I’m glad it grew back o.0

    [18:41] Zaros Xue: Naw, it’s fine. :3

    [18:41] Garnet Psaltery: Symbolism is worse than empower?

    [18:42] Zaros Xue: We’ll have to figure it out, cancer slug may be interesting but we’d have to do something with it, like slay it perhaps.

    [18:42] Beryl Strifeclaw: If you want to hate symbolism you would have to remove every aspect of your RL or SL life

    [18:42] Dee Wells: Donations make it weaker, hmmm

    [18:42] Garnet Psaltery: Well we’d have to extract salt, process it, and package it

    [18:42] Beryl Strifeclaw: Yes, slay it with Salt, which you have to purchase ((or create))

    [18:43] Dee Wells: There we go ;)

    [18:43] Garnet Psaltery: hehe

    [18:43] Beryl Strifeclaw: But it gives you a reward for success

    [18:43] Momoe: rock salt canons

    [18:43] Dee Wells: Hey :)

    [18:43] Beryl Strifeclaw: Rock salt cannons!

    [18:43] Zaros Xue: That works! We can have a salt-bomb machine using technology from various eras.

    [18:43] Dee Wells: Cannons never fail :D

    [18:43] Momoe: I know I could mesh a few nice ones

    [18:43] Garnet Psaltery: Yay!

    [18:43] Dee Wells: I have one

    [18:43] Zaros Xue: So we harvest the salt with low-end tech, then end up putting it in a steam-powered grenade.

    [18:43] Beryl Strifeclaw: Pressurized salt has been used since Eqyptian times

    [18:43] Garnet Psaltery: Love it!

    [18:44] Momoe: *^_^*

    [18:44] Beryl Strifeclaw: So yes, we can utilize many traps and techs

    [18:44] Momoe: wonderful

    [18:44] Zaros Xue: By the way..How would everyone feel about a full sim build?

    [18:44] Beryl Strifeclaw: I would start crying now.  No not really

    [18:44] Momoe: That would be a bit of an undertaking

    [18:45] Garnet Psaltery: With a large team it’s feasible

    [18:45] Kealani Jupiter: A sim-sized slug?

    [18:45] Zaros Xue: Indeed, I’m worried we won’t be able to manage a full sim, it’s the only way we can have a corner plot. xD

    [18:45] Dee Wells: Hehehe

    [18:45] Beryl Strifeclaw: We need another meeting Saturday, to make sure our team size and skills

    [18:45] Zaros Xue: I’ll have to see what Tenk and Vic say, but we may have to go for a campsite plot.

    [18:45] Zaros Xue: Oh yeah, this is a very alpha meeting.

    [18:45] Beryl Strifeclaw: Not everyone who wants to help is a blender master.

    [18:45] Garnet Psaltery: If we wanted that we should have been planning a month or two ago

  2. Beryl Strifeclaw Beryl Strifeclaw May 30, 2013

    [18:46] Beryl Strifeclaw: I’m just happy to help with ideas

    [18:46] Zaros Xue: Agreed, I only got told the corners are full sims now.

    [18:46] Ethan Paul III: As I

    [18:46] Zaros Xue: I’m sure we can get a campsite near a corner.

    [18:46] Beryl Strifeclaw: Some people get half a sim.  And some people get a full sim

    [18:47] Garnet Psaltery: It’ll be a quarter, I expect

    [18:47] Beryl Strifeclaw: If you think we can handle half a sim tell Vic.  Just let them know 1/8 is too small! We can’t possibly do this in that!

    [18:47] Dee Wells: Not in that many LI., for sure

    [18:48] Zaros Xue: Yeah, I think we may and I do say may be able to get away with half a sim by getting a full sim and putting various btis up.  Tenk is fairly set on a corner plot, so if we have to have a full sim we can just put some areas out of the way.

    [18:48] Garnet Psaltery: A ride will skip past some otherwise fairly blank areas

    [18:49] Dee Wells: Yes

    [18:49] Beryl Strifeclaw: By the way, if you can’t contact Zaros contact me

    [18:49] Garnet Psaltery: ok

    [18:49] Beryl Strifeclaw: I’ll get the message there

    [18:49] Ethan Paul III: Are we buying more land, or blowing parts of what there to achieve the space we need??

    [18:49] Beryl Strifeclaw: It’s not in Babbage, it’s the RFL track

    [18:49] Ethan Paul III: Ahhhh

    [18:49] Zaros Xue: We’re setting up the RFL build, it’s one of many theme-park like attractions.

    [18:50] Beryl Strifeclaw: They’ll be opening the empty sim soon

    [18:50] Momoe: Will there be cake? :P

    [18:50] Ethan Paul III: hehe

    [18:50] Beryl Strifeclaw: Yes.  And portal guns

    [18:50] Momoe: \o/

    [18:50] Beryl Strifeclaw: And a steam Glados

    [18:50] Momoe: She’ll have to mustache on

    [18:51] Beryl Strifeclaw: Actually that would be Steam Cave.  I like the idea of Steam Cave

    [18:51] Momoe: She’d have a monocle

    [18:51] Garnet Psaltery: So you start by going through a mine at ground level?

    [18:51] Dee Wells: Nice, yes

    [18:51] Beryl Strifeclaw: I think I can mange the mine part

    [18:51] Garnet Psaltery: and people get a pick on the way in?

    [18:51] Zaros Xue: An aperture style set-up would be fun, I do think levels will work wonders though.  And mines and sewers are good staring points.

    [18:52] Garnet Psaltery: not too difficult to get through though

    [18:53] Zaros Xue: Righto, so nothing is set in stone yet but we have a lot of good ideas.

    [18:53] Garnet Psaltery: yes we do

    [18:53] Beryl Strifeclaw: If we find out Tenk was drunk tomorrow we can laugh then and do it anyways.  Because it’s sounding fun

    [18:53] Garnet Psaltery: a slug with Tenk’s face

    [18:53] Zaros Xue: I’ll probably set the next meeting at 2PM this Saturday, feel free to think over it and come up with new ideas for the next meeting, we should be able to get a good idea of the team size then too.

    [18:53] Momoe: A slug with his BEARD

    [18:54] Beryl Strifeclaw: With his Rumple face on?

    [18:54] Dee Wells: A mine cart ride into the sewers to get chased by a slug…

    [18:54] Momoe: XD[18:54] Zaros Xue: xD

    [18:54] Zaros Xue: That’d be fun.

    [18:54] Garnet Psaltery: I love Babbage :D

    [18:54] Beryl Strifeclaw: That is a great idea!

    [18:54] Zaros Xue: We should definatly do something wild and strange.

    [18:54] Garnet Psaltery: yup

    [18:54] Zaros Xue: And we can manage it I’m sure.

    [18:54] Ethan Paul III: and clock-winder key, it must have one

    [18:55] Zaros Xue: I’ll let Vic know the next meeting when we decide on a sim size.

    [18:55] Garnet Psaltery: 2pm Saturday

    [18:55] Zaros Xue: I think a full sim could work well though, even if we have to tweak it.

    [18:55] Garnet Psaltery: I have a note of some RFL Rally at 2 – no idea what that was

    [18:55] Zaros Xue: Really? Hmm…Well we could do 3PM or 1PM if need be.

    [18:56] Garnet Psaltery: no no it’s nothing

    [18:56] Zaros XueZaros Xue nod nods.

    [18:56] Garnet Psaltery: and it leads straight from my dance anyway

    [18:56] Beryl Strifeclaw: RFL raffles are always on

    [18:56] Zaros Xue: 2PM good for all?

    [18:56] Garnet Psaltery: Dance is from 12-2

    [18:56] Beryl Strifeclaw: There is always an RFL event

    [18:56] Garnet Psaltery: can just stay and meet in the Back Room if you like

    [18:56] Beryl Strifeclaw: Don’t try to fight it, just know your team should come to your event

    [18:56] Momoe: Will there be a mintues keeper so we can get notes afterwards

    [18:56] Beryl Strifeclaw: And that they know that. I could try to summarize this if no one else does

    [18:57] Zaros XueZaros Xue nod nods.

    [18:57] Momoe: That would be helpful

    [18:57] Zaros Xue: Yeah that’d be really helpful Beryl, I’m up to my eyes in work IRL.  xD

    [18:57] Garnet Psaltery: I vote you for note-taker

    [18:57] Beryl StrifeclawBeryl Strifeclaw was volunteered to be Zaros’s QA basically already

    [18:57] Momoe: something I can put on a sticky on my screen to keep focused, too many shineys out there (ᴖ_ᴖ;)

    [18:58] Zaros Xue: Righto, I’ll have Tenk send another notice out, I’ll make a note on the BAR calender too.

    [18:58] Garnet Psaltery: okies

    [18:58] Beryl Strifeclaw: I’ll post the minutes and the notes then on the BAR

    [18:58] Garnet Psaltery: Good start I think!

    [18:58] Zaros Xue: Should only be an hour to two hour meeting, depends how it goes.

    [18:58] Beryl Strifeclaw: IE what we accomplished summarized and then how we got there in the long of it

    [18:58] Zaros Xue: Glad you’ve all been so enthusiastic for the cause, I’m sure we’ll do incredibly well. :D

    [18:58] Momoe: I’m happy to help where I can

    [18:59] Beryl Strifeclaw: Me too

    [18:59] Garnet Psaltery: Suppose I should join the team really – safe enough now

    [18:59] Beryl Strifeclaw: I might not be able to make monsters, but I do fairly well at this kind of stuff

    [18:59] Zaros Xue: Righto, I think that should be meeting dismissed, IM me if you want to talk about anything and if I’m not on, bother Beryl to bother me. xD

    [18:59] Beryl Strifeclaw: Do we HAVE a builder group

    [18:59] Garnet Psaltery: Well we have a lot of experience

    [18:59] Zaros Xue: If we don’t I’ll make one.

    [18:59] Dee Wells: Thanks, Zaros :)

    [18:59] Beryl StrifeclawBeryl Strifeclaw nods

    [19:00] Garnet Psaltery: Thanks Zaros and Strifeclaw

    [19:00] Beryl Strifeclaw: You will more than likely be bothering me.

    [19:00] MomoeMomoe clears a slot

    [19:00] Beryl Strifeclaw: But I don’t mind

    [19:00] Garnet Psaltery: What is our RFL group anyway?

    [19:00] Dee Wells: I have to start looking for a group to dump, hehe

    [19:00] Zaros Xue: Righto then, I’m gonna pop off for a bit, I’ll catch you all later, 2pm Staurday.  IM me if anyone wants to re-scheduel.

    [19:00] Dee Wells: See you then, Zaros :)

  3. Caesar Osterham Caesar Osterham May 31, 2013

    So we’re hunting giant slugs with salt cannons?  (And why am I suddenly reminded of the scene in The Mummy where one of the porters was dissolved in pressurized salt acid?)




    And people wonder why I love this town. ;)

  4. Mortimer Morlock Mortimer Morlock May 31, 2013

    Yesssss, it has been too long since we have sat around the fire and smelt the divine aroma of sizzling slug skewers roasting by the fire. Thomas, when can we go back to our home in the caverns?

    • Caesar Osterham Caesar Osterham May 31, 2013

      Slug kabobs?


      Iron Chef:  Battle Slugs is ON!

      ((Morimoto thinks he can out weird Babbage with Trout Ice Cream.  He’s about to hit the vertical part of the learning curve.))

      • Jedburgh30 Dagger Jedburgh30 Dagger May 31, 2013

        and in the words of my cousin Earl, Allez Cuisine!”

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