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Return To Sanity (Part One: Getting her Home)


((Starting to tell a story is always awkward and clumsy for me, Sorry.  Frankly I hate everything about this. I think the next few parts are a little better?  Anyway, Here is the beginning of the story of how the Loosestrife/Star affaire came to an…well, it’s over for now anyway))


He was chasing a prize and wanted her to sleep and so she slept.  But she did not sleep where he wanted her to: on that mean little hearth in that frozen room.  Instead she snuck away to a dark corner of the Bucket of Blood and huddled there on the floor, amid the rats and dust-bunnies.  Sometimes Kristos hovered over her, asking her if she was all right.  Other times Bib sat with her, seeing to it she ate something. 

Sometimes he told stories. 

“Ms. Star,” Kristos pleaded, not for the first time in the last few days, she opened one eye to look at him blearily, “Shouldn’t you rather sleep at home?  At the Gangplank?  Near your own fire? Don’t you miss the warmth?”  

She huffed and rolled over, stretching and then pulling herself into a ball, the movements still surprisingly catlike, “Nope.” 

“Hey Bud, you ain’t botherin’ the lady, are you?”  Bib stepped up behind Kristos, who didn’t get a chance to reply because Mr. Tenk stepped past them both and crossed his arms.

“Get up, Macbain, it’s time to go.” 

Star sat up to stare at Tenk, “Sleeping.”  She definitely wasn’t supposed to talk to this one, but she couldn’t help it, it was a compulsion. 

“Where are you plannin’ ta take her?” Bib asked, crossing his arms. 

“She should go to the Gangplank, we can get one of the women there to clean her up.”  Kristos gestured to her. 

“Wouldn’t she be safer somewheres else?  What about under the Vernian?  Isn’t water supposed to help?”  He turned his gaze to Star again, “Eh, Star? Water?”

She looked up at him, her eyes lighting up briefly, “Yes, please, water. Thirsty.”

Bib sighed, “I’m gonner get the lady some water.”  He brought it to her, she reached out and patted his hand, “Nice Bib.”

“I want her at the Gangplank, she needs to go home.” Tenk started to hum and pulled a folded piece of paper from his pocket, extracting a few long, red hairs and twisting them in a string around his thumb, “Get up, Macbain.”

She pulled herself to her feet like a stiff marionette, “Sleeping.”

“Take my hand, we’re going home.”  Tenk held his hand out at her, she frowned at it.

“Am home.” 

“Your own home, Star.” Kristos supplied.

“The Gangplank.”  Bib Added.

Star took hold of Tenk’s hand, staring at Bib with wide eyes, “Don’t want to drown!” 

“Aw, don’t worry Miss Star, I swims real good, I promise.”  Bib said gently.

She smiled, Tenk pulled her toward the door, “It’s okay,” He was saying, “They are waiting for you there.” 

When she reached the street her stomach twisted painfully and she turned to look up at Strifehouse, to the red windows she knew he was hidden behind.  She took a hesitant step toward the house, THAT was home, not wherever they were taking her, she should go to him…

“No,” Tenk said firmly, tugging on her hand, “Don’t look, come.” 

Star turned and followed where her hand was leading, Kristos and Bib falling into step behind her.


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