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“I trust that was no one we knew,” Joseph said eyeing the foot Nefertiti held in her hand.

“A mason,” she replied giving a casual glance toward the bluish appendage she clutched in her left hand, “or perhaps an engineer,” she shrugged. “They all taste the same. I found him attempting to gain access to the under regions through the sinkhole above the Dunsany.”

She took a step closer, until she was a mere inches from Joseph. The two were of the same height allowing her to stare directly into his emerald eyes with an unblinking focus. “Does it bother you, father?” she asked, assuming a saucy affectation.

Dr. Joe stood his ground. “It only bothers me if you are not maintaining your typical high level of discretion.”

“But father,” she said placing her free hand upon his chest, “you know I have never given you cause to question my discretion.”

He took her bony white hand and removed it from his chest. “Put that away,” he said nodding to the foot.  “I have a small task I would like you to perform.”

She smiled showing speckles of meat trapped between her teeth. “Why father,” she purred softly, lowering her eyes most demurely, “you know I would perform any task without question.” She raised her eyes and once more held his gaze.

He took a step back. “There is an item that was stolen from me. A vial. I think you know the one. I need it recovered.”

Her visage assumed a horrid darkness as she hissed with glee. “The Faulkner girl’s pet… the skinny little morsel who sent you to Hell?”

“…And for now he is to remain unharmed,” Joseph warned with a tone that indicated he would suffer no flexibility in this matter. “Am I understood?”

“Poor me,” she pouted, “Such a pity.”

“There is something more,” he added. “ I want you to see if you can find anyway back into the Dunsany. I need to get into my lab.”

“Oh – that’s easy,” she replied. “Some intrusive men tried to break in with their big, noisy, tunneling machine – talking of trains under Clockhaven.” Nefertitii licked around her teeth in a gesture that was somehow both clownish and sinister. “But I scared them off for you father.  They blocked up that tunnel – but I know how to get in.”

“Excellent.” replied Joseph. He then added, almost as an afterthought,”Neffer, one further thing, see what you can learn about a man named Ezra Crumb. He’s likely a civic leader so be cautious.”

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