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Report to Father Pizzaro



As per your request here is a summery of the events after you departed. 

Miss Sky Neitzen has agreed to head the investigation into the death of Mr. Steamer.  I have requested that copies of all the reports which she files with the city be provided to the Church as well, for our own records.  I have also assured Miss Neitzen that the church shall cooperate fully in any investigations and I am sure we shall be satisfied with whatever results she, and the company she works for, find.  

To put my own mind at ease, as soon as the last of the investigators had left, and Doctor Miggins had removed the body, Brother Lapis and I confided everyone to their cells and conducted a thorough search.  We are satisfied that none in the church had a hand in Mr. Steamer’s murder.  The matter of the lapse in security is still being investigated, but I assure you we shall discover the responsible persons. 

For the time being I am recommending that we cloister the younger boys.  There is little reason for them to leave the church and, frankly, it should come as no surprise to you that emotions regarding the Church are running high.  For the middling and older, I should suggest they do not roam the streets alone.  As it should only be a mark against us if we allowed the charitable services within the city to be shut-down by potential hostility, Brother Lapis has agreed to hand-pick some of his students to pair-up and keep the soup stands open. 

Yours in service,

Brother Eli Rudyard

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  1. Heliotrope Lionheart Heliotrope Lionheart August 27, 2010

    Professor Lionheart pens a letter to Father Pizarro, on onionskin paper monogrammed HXL:


    What an unfortunate matter. Surely the culprit shall be found soon. If anything odd turns up in the autopsy, I hope our agreement shall still stand.

    Yours in spirit,
    Prof. L

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