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Report to Father Pizarro. February 4, 188x.

To: Father Juris Pizarro

       Canal District, New Babbage.

I am pleased to report my arrival in Cala Mondrago. I was waylaid by some misadventures on the journey and regret my tardiness, but all is well and I am in good health. I am without resources other than my wits due to my misadventures. Perhaps that is as the Builder intended. On the morrow I intend to avail to the Vizier, Mika, to find a way to make myself useful.

Happily, I am able to report that I have gained intelligence of an artifact of interest to us. Curiously, the woman who I spoke with was surprised that I had no previous knowledge of what I had been sent to find. She told me of an archeological dig, about 50 years ago, in which several chambers were uncovered which appeared to be dedicated to a local diety called Divine Darishka. She recalls that there was an inscription that resembled a mathematical formula, as well as five artifacts fashioned in brass and gems and dipped in gold. A man from the west that was a part of the mission attempted to decipher the inscription and the writing on the artifacts, but was killed before the task was accomplished.

The ruins are located in Berham, which was once connected to Cala Mondrago via an underground passage, which was sealed long ago to prevent raiders from the desert entering the city. The woman reports that the ruins are self guarded with automated traps, to be opened safely if one applies to solve the puzzles presented. If successful, a door to the maze will open, and one will be on the path to recovering , she claims, the perfect building formula.

She also recalls seeing one of the artifacts as a child, a caliper. What sort of caliper she did not say, and she could not imagine why such an item was kept in a temple.Then she left me at the office of the Vizier, where I am writing now.

I will write again soon to report my progress. I had great pleasure visiting again and am satisfied with my oral examination returns. My thoughts are with James as he prepares again, do relay my good hopes for his performance. I have also enlosed an interesting problem for Anton that I came across in my travels, please forward it to him.

in Logic,




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  1. Brother Lapis Brother Lapis February 14, 2011

    *idly covers his mouth with his hand to hide a smile upon hearing of  Jerome’s misfortunes*

    I love it when a plan comes together.

  2. Father Pizzaro Father Pizzaro February 15, 2011

    …eyes Lapis icily…

    “I see your network of accomplices is still intact, Brother Lapis.

    “However… if he knew he was being examined… well… that would alter the results.

    …nods absently to himself…

    “See that Brother Riddler receives this package. And let the others know about the box you were given. “

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