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Release the Krakens!!!!

Captain Nemo could tell exactly when he entered Babbage air space. His week long journey across the Atlantic had been filled with bright blue skies and clear water. However, once the Atlantic met up with the Vernian, cloud cover began to grow heavy. The risk of meeting up with any number of horrors descending from the air jungles of the upper stratosphere increased. By the time he was well over the Vernian, the haze was so thick he had to adjust his eyepiece for nighttime use.


Nemo could tell the pod of Kraken he had tracked and followed would be nearby. The baby Kraken swam back and forth between his shoulders, growing more and more agitated, until a drop or two of ink fell onto Nemo’s jacket. Edgar, Nemo’s pet raven, had already flown off, indicating landfall would happen soon. Nemo looked to his right. The observation tower of Obelenskidonia loomed up quickly. The Captain turned hard left to avoid a collision. “Curse these smoggy skies!” shouted Nemo, wishing that the industriousness (and lack of air cleanliness laws) didn’t impede visibility so bad.


Nemo slowed the ship’s velocity and brought it in for descent. After a few minutes of trying to navigate through the fog, he finally heard the splash as the hull landed in the cold water. He piloted it into one of the empty docks and shut off the motors. As he tied off the ship, he heard people screaming. Kraken had been spotted above the city, and a baby had attacked a building inland. Nemo was horrified! He was sure that he had gotten ahead of the pod, but his charts could have been off. Younger Kraken rarely ventured away from the pod however, and attacks by younglings were uncommon. He had to go help and see what he could do. The hunt could wait a few hours.


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