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Reflections at sunset

Arnold watched the Saturday sun set from the Lighthouse’s back window, a cup of hot cocoa in his paw.  As he looked at the horizon he contemplated the events of the past week, and everything that had happened.  It had started with the surprise intervention Helio and Dr. Maddox had staged for him.  That had been confusing and unnecessary, at least to him.  They had also surprised him with a few things that he had missed, such as the fact the asylum had a new patient…Little M had been checked in without him noticing.  

Arnold shook his head as he lapped at his beverage, and then stirred it again.  When he looked back up, he noticed another icicle falling from Emerson’s roof.  Spring would soon settle his snow shoveling duties.  

The cat couldn’t help but feel pleased at what he’d accomplished.  So far he had fulfilled his duties, and had even figured out a way to ensure that Emerson would owe him a reasonable amount when he got back home.  The tax forms resting upon Emerson’s desk had seen to that.  

There were only two other things on the desk, one was a letter from Dr. Solsen, which included pictures sent from Pippy of the machinery that had been found in the sinkhole in Mondrago.  Arnold frowned every-time he looked at it, because it reminded him that Erehwon was hiding something from them.  

The other thing was a list Blackberry had sent him, which he hadn’t needed in the end, detailing all of the ships coming in and out of port.  He still remembered entering the hospital and how uncomfortable Blackberry had been…  

Blackberry stopped taking down decorations from Huxley Hall to say, “Hi there, Arnold…are you all right?”  The cat told him hello, but the bunny continued to ask, “What is it?”

“Isn’t it enough that I’m here to say….hi?”  The feline paused for a moment.  “If you expect me to do the apologizing you’re out of your mind.”

Blackberry smiled, “Of course it’s enough. And I don’t expect you to apologize for anything.”

They sat for a few minutes, talking about the orderlies need to find out where the rumors started and Blackberry had offered to send him the ship routes.  Since they were already discussing information gathering the conversation turned to what he had learned about Underby.    

Blackberry hadn’t been prepared to learn the truth about Pip’s demise, and he eventually asked to be left to his thoughts.  Just before Arnold left he turned around one last time.

“You never asked me if I forgave you.”

Harvey shook his head, “I’d never ask forgiveness for such a thing… accident or not, I don’t think I’d deserve it. So if you ever did forgive me, just keep it to yourself. It’s bad enough…”

“The answer is no,” Arnold interrupted him.  “But I can live with you despite it.” He paused for a moment and then added, “I think.”

Perhaps Helio and Maddox were right… Arnold reflected as he lapped up his cocoa.  He was becoming more passive aggressive and independent…though why they thought him becoming a better cat was a bad thing was beyond his understanding.

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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse February 6, 2012

    *Wonders which set of books you used to do the taxes… also, that stuff I print in the basement to pay Tenk my tier every month should not be counted as income!*

    • Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold February 6, 2012

      *Keeps what he’s actually done to himself for now.*

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