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Records and Runarounds

Well, aside from some very lovely holiday parties, I spent most of the end of the year pouring through city records, looking into this Moriarty character.  I don’t like being taken by surprise, and after the end of the events surrounding the ‘beest’ I thought it best to read up on the fellow to try an ensure it doesn’t happen that way again.


 Some very interesting reads, portal devices, flying fortresses, ancient empires…  I won’t go into detail here as anyone wishing to pursue matters would be best to go the city archives like I did.  Still, maybe when he shows up again, and I’m convinced he will (after all, you don’t go to the trouble of regenerating yourself in a new body just to stay at home and listen to jazz bands or something, do you?), I might better be able to contribute to events.

In the meantime, it seems that the universe at large can’t stay quiet.  Barely into the new year and already I’ve stumbled onto more trouble.   A friend of mine, goes by the nickname of the Maestro, picked up a rather unruly passenger who managed to lock him in a box.  A rather unusual box, but still.  Also left the shields open on a rather powerful generator…  Anyway, with a bit of assistance, we were able to set most things right, even if said rude guest manage to vanish, possibly through the ‘aetheric portal’ located in clockhaven.  A marvelous piece of work that, if a little…ah well.  However if we were correct in our prediction to our rude ‘friend’s’ destination, he probably met with an unpleasant surprise…

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