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Reclaiming the Bucket

Tuesday, April 23, 188x

Attn Dr Canergak: 

There is a certain citizen of the city I need committed to your sanitarium, posthaste.  How does this operation generally proceed?   

As stated above, time is of the essence, though I need it done properly and thoroughly.   

I can arrange any paperwork you might need. 


Mr O. Underby

Assistant Mayor


                                                             *   *   *   *   *


April 24, 188x

To Assistant Mayor Underby, 

If the subject has committed some crime or displays symptoms which suggest an acute disease of the mind then commitment should proceed efficiently.  A form of involuntary commitment needs to be completed, where you shall describe the subject’s case and why they must be detained.  The more witnesses who attest to your claims the better.  You may gather those who have been wronged by the subjects actions to attach their own letters if you wish. 

The swiftest course would be if you have a doctor, that is not associated with this facility, verify these statements and suggest commitment as the proper action.  With that doctors recommendation submitted we will be empowered to collect the subject for mental assessment immediately.  If the subject displays significant intellectual disability, in any form, during the assessment the doctor shall complete the process and shall file an official involuntary commitment form for the records within City Hall. 

Signed M. Zdhar Canergak



                                                             *   *   *   *   *


Thursday, April 25, 188x

Dr Canergak, 

Thank you for your prompt response, and further, the response itself was welcome news indeed.   

I have assembled a retinue of eye witnesses to the bizarre behaviour of the individual in question, and have several more in the wings, if necessary.   

In addition, I have attached written affidavits from Mr Oscar Bellamy Penrose, whose office was destroyed by the individual, and by Miss Medusa Jones, who worked closely with the individual and was privy to much of his madness firsthand.  Also attached is the medical opinion of Dr Severin Thornley, who has observed the individual and concurs that commitment is the only viable response. 

When may I have Mr Bucketheed picked up? 


Mr O. Underby

Assistant Mayor


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