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Question game – Engine 7

Does anyone know the story behind the ghost train?[img_assist|nid=3867|title=|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=640|height=437]

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  1. Loki Eliot Loki Eliot October 31, 2011

    its not a ghost it’s a marvelous illusion created by the latest in Phantasmogoria technologies

  2. Loki Eliot Loki Eliot October 31, 2011

    The littlest Engine. Once a proud engine that traveled the railways of New Bababge until the Trams came.

    They made fun of the little engine, saying he was out of date big and clumsy. Then one day the Trams all ganged up and pushed the engine into one of the canals where he drowned :(

    Now the engine is BACK to seek his revenge on those nasty trams!

  3. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon October 31, 2011

    The engine actually exists in an alternate world, its just that at this time of year the aetheric boundry becomes more translucent and allows us to see the aetheric shadow of the locomotive.

    In the alternate world people talk of the ghost tram that chases people down the street.

  4. Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg November 1, 2011

    They say that there was a girl who had forsaken her parents and her country to travel to New Babbage in order to be with her true love.  Against all odds, she survived the long and arduous journey. As the train emerged from the tunnel in North Fells, however, a rockfall descended from above and caused it to derail.

    In all, five cars and an engine were lost, but most tragically, the bride-to-be aboard the train was killed just as the New Babbage city gate came into view in the distance.

    Locals have sworn for years that the train will make an occasional appearance.  When it does, it travels all the way into the city and stops at Palisade station, presumably to allow the girl to disembark for her long-delayed wedding.

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