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Quarry Hill land sales

Quarry Hill lots will be available as the lots get finished. There’s still one thing up in the air about how the prims have to be distributed that is keeping me from making all the lots available, and I still have a lot of work to do on the pathways and landscaping.

But… if there’s a wagon on a lot, it’s available. Currently 3 are ready to be built on. The meter is on the rampart wall at the end of the lane to the north. Lots with elevation drops will have foundation blocks in place to fill in the unsightly hollow land, the prim(s) will be transferred to you with the land sale so you can deal with it to suit your build (I’m thinking like those lots up on the hills in San Francisco, but you might find another solution).

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  1. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk July 29, 2014

    more lots up, it’s starting to look like a sim. still waiting on hearing from someone before i can finish working out the numbers on my spreadsheet.

    hmm, if the barrel racers made a left turn instead of a right turn on Abney Parkway when they left the tracks, they could loop around through the gut & quarry, cross the tracks again in palisades, do the uphill to Brunel Hall, then the downhill back to the original course in Port and finish. and the gentle uphill/downhill would make the barrels more interesting for those that have got way too good at it.

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