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Pumpkin Goblin strikes again!

Rumours of mad cackling occasionally breaking into a hacking cough has been reaching the ears of the ever alert citizens of New Babbage, who in concern dispatched ‘Owd ‘Stinky’ Henderson  to check the drains again for stray Wiggyfish. On his return to the surface he quietly lit his pipe, paused for thought and muttered-
“Ar, ‘ta be tha Pumpkin Goblin and no mistake!”

Later that same day a cart appeared with a notice at the Town Hall, urging all citizens to make mischief. Urchins have been requested to act any evil plots of egging ‘quietly, we don’t want to upset the experiments’. The Mayor is to investigate. Rumours of Mr. Mornington taking the opportunity to raise the rents while the citizens are distracted are untrue. Maybe. 


Citizens are encouraged to take a pumpkin and fill it with tricks or treats. Fun, unusual or interactive items are usually discussed by the finders for a good while afterwards so now is your chance to make your museum, cafe or bar memorable with some exclusive goodies. 

Urchins are given the additional option of retrieving some eggs to hurl at the houses of those who leave them tricks or mean gifts, such as a bar of soap.

Photo-stories of your adventures are encouraged, both here and Ye Booke of Faces.  



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