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Public Notice of Hirings

D. Lungwort Enterprises is now hiring sheep shearers, tanners, butchers and stevedores. Also needed:

Two security consultants who keep a tight lip and deal with loose ones should they occur due to circumstances.

Excellent working wage, payable at the end of services rendered. Relatively safe working conditions on par with New Babbage standards. Long hours from Dusk till Dawn, sequestered sleeping quarters with a guarantee of at least three hours rest per day. No shirkers, slackers or knaves need apply. Generous bonus rewarded for top ten hands at end of service, and my undying gratitude.

Also needed in related areas:

Supervisory types with skills in herding, containment and some carpentry work.

Airship engineer. Committed attitude more important than degree or experience. 12 handymen types to perform menial construction labour. 

Report to D. Lungwort, Esq. if interested and prepared to work like there is no tomorrow.

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