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Private Journal, June 5th

I met with the mistress again. I have observed her comings and goings, there is no doubt that her lover has been more passionate with her. It is fine to mix business with pleasure. I was able to have another rendevous with her, she believes that he does respond to the name Sebastiano when she calls him such when he is in a semi-concious state. She thinks herself clever, the little slut, and fed me useless information about his childhoood adventures in some army. If she toys with me further, I will find a way to make her regret it. 

As for the former student, I found him working as a barman at the Gangplank. He bears no love for his old teacher that I can see, but he was very defensive about the practices of the Church and quickly became sullen. Perhaps he would be more talkative if I had approached him when he was alone he would have been more forthcoming. 

I have been unable to gain an appointment with Lapis at the Institute where he teaches. The children who work at the courier office next door were very chatty on my first visit about the comings and goings of their neighbors, but now they disappear when I come into sight. They must have been talked to. He knows I want him, but does he know for what? 

I will not say more lest I jinx my luck. Now to draw him out!

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