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Private Journal 12.12.18xx

* Private journal entry but feel free to comment *

Just the last evening I had a strange urge to walk over to the graveyard to play for whomever might be floating around.  I usually go and perform anyway since that was a duty I had when I was at the Temple so I like to keep my hand in shape to play the shamisen.  So I carried my instrument over, hopped on a crypt, and started to play the folk ballads that I so enjoy.

To my delight all four of the spirits were in attendance, even stuffy Daniel, so we caught up on all the news.  Mac is delighted to see the opening of Cuffs and he throughly enjoyed the street fight between Rusty and Miss Maggie.  He was surprised to see Rusty get defeated and mentioned that Miss Maggie had some wicked moves for one so small.  Daniel felt that fighting women was terribly uncouth but then why did he stay to watch the entire fight?

We continued to chat while I played softly.  The ladies, Sofie and Evie, just love Babbage in the winter along with the decorations that everyone has placed.  Of course the latest winter fashions were completely gone over in detail, with the men rolling their eyes from time to time over such talk.

Then Sofie comes up with a question that stops me in mid-note…

“Do you remember the small person who was taken within the spirit trap along with the others?”

“Why, yes, I do.  His name is or was Pocket String.  Pity he died.  Odd that I can not contact him.”

“Contact him or not…his spirit was here but not a few days ago.”

“Really!  What did he say?”

“Nothing to me.  But he seemed to be very happy.  He was laughing so hard he could barely stand.  And…skipping? Well some sort of dance anyway.  Then he left, vanished rather, with his laughter floating in the snow.”

Now this is odd Dear Journal.  Usually one is either dead or alive.  Is there another space that my teachings do not know exist?  I must admit that I have missed the adventure of dealing with the dead.  Perhaps a new experience is about to instruct me?  I shall have to review the scrolls for hints of this “other place”.  I would talk to the Clockwinder about this but I think he and I are still are the outs over the emperor event.  I believe I shall have to start searching out our dear victorious pugalist Miss Maggie for some insight…

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