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Private Journal 12.01.18xx

* Private journal entry but feel free to comment *

Hello dear Journal;

I really have forgotten to write in you and that is a great sin as the stories I encountered in Babbage are worthy of being recorded, no doubt about that!  I shall make a sincere effort to write more often now that my typist is back from BURN2 and all…

My wandering mood has caught up with me again.  A combination of Lia moving on with her life and being in Clockhaven for quite a while caused me to start walking the streets looking for a new location to set up shop.  Truth also be told, I am becoming a bit more of a builder and needed some additional room to practice my new skills.  Will I ever become famous as a creator of useful objects?  I truly doubt it but I do enjoy what I have made and it also lends itself well as a chance to give unique gifts to friends.

So dear Journal we are now located in the Wheatstone district of the city in a nice brownstone apartment.  I suspect I shall be busy for the next couple of weeks as I change the interior to reflect my odd tastes in decor.  I also have to perform the protection ritual and hang the scripts of warding.  While there is not a graveyard in the area here it always pays to be safe now doesn’t it?

I already have had a visitor.  Miss Artful popped in while I was doing some building and we spent a cheerful hour together.  She is quite the proper child, both in dress and demeanor.  I have wondered how that has happened, given her parental background, but it seems she is doing quite well.  I think she would be been quite the temple Miko if she was raised in Japan.

I have also discovered that an old friend has moved into the district.  Miss Heinrichs, my cohort in some adventures, has also taken up residence not too far away from me.  We will have to trade open houses I suspect once we are both settled in.  I already have sent some housewarming gifts over to her via urchin to help her start her new life in a house which I will call rather nice and spacious.  Perhaps she will hold a mini-salon there in the courtyard?

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  1. LoPxie Artful LoPxie Artful December 1, 2010

    it was so lovely to visit you miss hermit!  ..and to hear your beautiful music too… it quite made one’s spirit wander to distant lands…

    i do hope my manners suit you, for both mother and underby are sticklers for formality and do prefer me to be properly presented at all times, and to speak nicely to grownups, for then one may do quite well in life perhaps..

    and besides, one ought be polite to anyone who is kindly, always!

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